The Bible & Satan Roaming the Earth

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Some viewers said it looked like actor Mehdi Ouzaani (left) was made up to look like President Obama (right) for his role as Satan (center). ( / History / Reuters) 

Word on the street is President Obama resembles “Satan”. Hold up….Satan?  The “Bible” producers dismiss this as hogwash. You got that right. Based on my knowledge about Satan. No one has ever saw the devil. Therefore the producers of “The Bible” got stupid jokes. The kind that cause tongues wagging and controversy to get folks to tune into their show. NOT!


According to the bible, Lucifer was a angel cast out of heaven. I don’t know what actually happened between God and Lucifer and neither does the History channel. I was not there and neither were you. I know one thing is for certain. I will pass on watching “The Bible”.

I can think of a few devils roaming the earth though. I know what their faces look like and so do most of you. It ain’t pretty and dem faces ain’t thinking in God like ways toward the working class American people. Boehner, Beck, Palin, Steele, Bush, Koch, Fox News, Tea Party folks, McConnell, Congress, Ryan, Limbaugh, KKK  and the list goes on. You know what they look like too….how is that for the real “Satan” image?

Of course the actor Mehdi Ouzaani was made to resembled President Obama as his role as Satan. Even a blind person can see that at first touch and glance. It is amazing how Holly-weird producers uses the media and makeup to transform a actor’s appearance on screen. GTFOH with this nonsense. Ain’t nobody got time for the History channel depiction of President Obama as Satan.

Let’s keep it really 100….folks have a disturbing problem with a African American president. It is offensive and folks need to wake up to the racial disparity, the unequal distribution of wealth, and opportunities for the working class in this country and around the globe. The perpetrators mask are coming off from folks that purport to practice diversity in their workplaces, corporations and organizations. It is high time these folks be put on blast. Stop supporting folks that continually promote hate and racism in the world.

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