Change Ain’t Gonna Come

Nowadays folks are asking about that change that is suppose to come? What is dat change dat ain’t gonna come?

I am too poop to blog about the change that ain’t gonna come. Folks are on asinine ish n ain’t nobody interest in change. I am too tired to tell folks why….K. The only thing changing is the color of my hair n the technology is no longer a big change…kids in the 21st century are changing n people are changing how they view their communities and society. Dat change folks are wishing for starts within their own cribs n backyards.

Romney let the cat out the bag during his campaign trail. 47% of the people do not count. DAMN….that comment alone should have stung. Who was dude referring to? That means 52% people of the population are important people while 1% of the population control the purse strings.

In a nutshell, there goes that fantasy American dream. Now what does the average American or any person around the globe do? Shit is bleak….almost feels like no one does not have a chance in hell.

Folks waiting for civil right leaders and the church folks to make the change. Folks are finding out dem people are skewed n they are on some asinine backward shit.

Civil right leaders and heads of the church are getting older. Folks are waiting and at the same time blaming the government. The resources are dwindling low and damn near exhausted. All of us are waiting for ethnic groups to come together. Folks still fighting among themselves in the streets. What kind of change are folks waiting for to happen?

I wonder about the change that is going to come? Dat change ain’t going to come. Grandmother, grandfather, daddy,mother n cousins  and generation after generation of folks waited for dat change that was suppose to come. What change are we all waiting for?

What are folks really going to do when there are no more purported leaders  dat folks look up to that allegedly fight and sing for change?

Are those same folks that complain going to stand up for change when the dem folks cease to exist?

Is that when the real battle for change occur?

I reckon “change ain’t gonna come”. Unless society or the people around the globe put forth effort toward change. Firsthand in their communitis and show solidarity in society. Stop being bait.

What is disturbing is 21st century folks n kids do not have a clue or do they? Gone are the good old days when folks gave a damn about the future n what will our children do tomorrow.

Can we change it? YES

Henceforth, it no longer takes a village. It takes a society changing their thinking and how we all get along. Otherwise the future generations are certifiably fucked!

On a side note.: Does the Illuminati exist? Is it real? God help us all if any of this shit Illuminati shit is real talk.

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