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 Watch Worlds Strictest Parent Must watch television for parents with out of control teens. “The World Strictest Parents I watched a marathon of the show this week and was truly impress with the series. I took away from the show: No need in getting stressed out with out of control teens. I am not half a bad parent with all of my rules and there is nothing wrong with demanding respect from your kids that live in your house. I do wonder if any of the children don’t change, if the next step would be to have them move out of your crib? I am amazed at some of these out of control teens though that my mouth dropped! I love all of the families but the Morrison family was on point with were I stand in my own home. I Love this show……I am hooked!

OMG! When the teen took his earring out of his ear on the Morrison…..too funny, the smell was gross. Their response is priceless!

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