WATCH | Mary Harvey Ranting About Steve Harvey

1322994 WATCH | Mary Harvey Ranting About Steve Harvey

Steve and Mary Harvey in the photograph during happier times before the messy divorce.

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Dr. Phil

Steve Harvey current wife Marjorie Harvey….According to People, Shackleford says Harvey is currently suing her in Texas, which is why she is now speaking up. “In Steve’s opinion, I was responsible when Oprah OWN did not give him a TV show,” she shared. “I’m being sued for that. That is why I’m saying what I have to say.” In another words, she put a monkey wretch in his come up on the Queen of Media talk show circuit. About now Oprah may want to reconsider that thought consider the media has been stating her ratings are down and she can use all the help she can get to garner advertisers dollars…Harvey is not any different than Dr. Phil and his marital issues except the color of their skin.

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Mary Harvey has taken her ranting to major networks to discuss the divorse lawsuit against her x-husband Steve Harvey. Mary is pissed about Steve Harvey taking everything from her…leaving her destitute, damn near homeless and not capable of raising thier son Wynton? Her parental rights were stripped from her along with her wealthy lifestyle she shared with her ex-husband. What makes this story remarkable is Steve and Mary Harvey divorced 12 years ago. Steve Harvey has full custody of their son, Wynton. I am not certain what to think of this story? It is quite entertaining and it is the hottest media story against the radio personality, comedian and best selling book, Straight Talk, No Chaser. Mary’s Youtube videos have gone viral, garnering million of views. I guess we all love to listen to someone else messy personal life oppose to our own. Several questions I want to know is how did she lose custody of her child? The court system does not typically strip a mother of a child unless there are very serious issues involving the best interest of the child? Something about this story is interesting because Harvey just wrote a book about relationships and it appears in my humble opinion that his ex-wife, Mary wants to tarnish the image of Mr. Harvey. I suppose that slogan about a picture speaks a thousand words we can throw into the trash can…..based on the photograph in this blog post, they appear to be the happy couple in front of the camera. One thing is for certain is you can’t buy this type of publicity….if you did not know who Steve Harvey was before… sure do now!

If I had to tell anyone one thing about marriage….it ain’t perfect! I don’t know why people pretend that their marriage is picture perfect.

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