Video of the Day | Gary Coleman “All You Care About Is Money.”

Gary Coleman and Shannon Price are in therapy attempting to work out their marital issues. This unseen short clip was posted today on TMZ with the couple in counseling gives viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of the couples issues in the marriage, money and how the two get along. This girl who claims to be a social butterfly suddenly appeared in Gary’s life and he blatantly tells the therapist “I am not a social butterfly”…he is pissed that folks have been cheapskates and did not want to pay him. He was sick of being used by folks and his wife…he tells her all she cared about was the money and her love for Gary is fading away. Money is everybody’s issue on planet earth…uh huh! This is not a good image of the couples marriage and neither for Shannon Price public persona now that Coleman is deceased.

Notice when he tells the therapist you need to be at our house 24/7 – she cuts that conversation short….

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