Twelve Things You Should Do This Year

12 Twelve Things You Should Do This Year

12 is an significant number. This is the year 2012. The presidential election will take place in our nations capital during 2012. Note: If the Republicans have their way, some folks will not be able to vote if their paperwork is not in order.. Despite our disgruntled ranting and views towards our President of the United States. This is the year to change our lives on our own terms. The President of the United States did not get us all in our situations. Our own decisions did during the fake fruitful years. I remember credit acard interest rates being zero, car loans being thrown at folks at zero, houses obtain on signature, folks taking out second mortgages and purchasing material items like they lost their damn minds. If you need to file bankruptcy…go for it! President Obama did not sign the loan and credit and I did. Now as we watch our president dig our country out of financial ruins, we must also do some of the work to dig ourselves out of our own ruins during 2012. Enough with the blame game…it is 2012! It is time to change our attitudes and our situations on our own terms to rebuild our futures and our children s future.

Twelve Things You Should Do This Year

  1. Change yourself instead of looking for others to change your situation.
  2. Get paperwork organized and in order.
  3. Clean out closets, your office and donate items no longer used to school and shelters.
  4. Volunteer your services once a week. It may land you your dream job. 
  5. Stop bashing others…folks term those type of people as haters.
  6. Stop hiding behind a computer screen. Show your beautiful smile, personality and put your best face forward. Show the world who you really are in cyberspace. Stop hiding behind the keyboard and update your images.
  7. Take a class for self development. If that is not possible, pick up books at your local library to learn a new craft, hobby and update your knowledge. 
  8. Lose the term “I can’t,”  ”I won’t,”  ”I try” to “I can,”  ”I will” and “I’ve done it!” Make the term “JUST DO IT your mantra!
  9. Remember age ain’t nothing but a number. Thank God your still here to read the 12 things you should do this year list. 
  10. Screw the naysayers…when did they become the master of your destiny? Hmmm…..
  11. Stop being a hater toward your fellow man. Remove all that stuff you were brainwashed about others. Get out and meet folks from a diverse background in your local communities. You would be surprise to learn that there are local celebrities right in your own backyards. Enough with putting energy into celebrities that can give a hoot about your communities, boast about their wealth and materialism. Go out and create your own success. Enough already….support celebrities that really support your communities. 
  12. Most of all LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH like you don’t have a care in the world!

Meaning of Numbers in the Bible: The Number 12
Who were the 12 patriarchs from Shem to Jacob? Who were the 12 people specially ANOINTED to serve in government? At what age did Jesus first appear in PUBLIC? How is the number 12 represented in Solomon’s Temple? How many GATES will surround the New Jerusalem?

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