It’s Not Over the Top Marriage Proposal

Nah mane….it’s all bout love in these two high profile n living their life on a world’s platform under a microscope. Do it big or go the hell home. Some women you must go ham or stay the hell home. Matter of fact don’t open the door.

The internet is buzzing about Kanye proposing to Kim Kardashian…..ummm what did folks expect West to do? Run n hide in a corner? Not marry the young lady? Who are those haters again? Some guys will not marry their baby momma even if they could afford it….much less a woman they’ve been bedding down for years. I can spew horror stories of tricks that tried to trick a man into a commitment but I won’t go there. Yeah….girl get pregnant only for dude to find out it is not his baby. That trick….dat gurl who got the nerve to look down on this love story. Boo bye….NEXT!


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