Time for the Menopausal Conversation

meno Time for the Menopausal Conversation
Why nobody spew bout #Menopause? All I saw was fanning dolls in church. Really now….dat is one hard pill to swallow. Not mad…shit feel like a workout. Umma let you know soon. Not dat deep but….chime in at anytime elders.

I keep hearing bout when a man dick do not get hard anymore. Take a Viagra pill n whatnot. Nothing about menopause. WTF is up with that shit?

Really now….a man dick is more important then a woman’s health. The woman that must keep it together despite it all. Men have Viagra….oh yeah let’s keep big daddy dick hard but no relief for woman. Here is how I see it…fuck a Viagra dick n especially if dud e is out of shape n on lot of medication, do not give a rats ass bout his body.

Menopause ain’t nothing but a sweat. Work it boo…..same thing. A non functioning n out of shape man. Weeeeelll dat shit sucks.

Hateful young girls on some asinine chiming shit….wait a minute. You’re next…don’t worry bout it! Hope I am sitting in a rocker looling at the downtrodden hateful biddy boos n mofos of the 21st century generation. Your time will come soon enough.

I can only hope I represent the class of elders that kept it moving bitch n mofos.

If your kid is viewing this conversation. Ummm that is your problem. Not the Internet….you allowed your child to tune into grown folk talk. Justsaying….now would be the time to have the convo about menopause…cause child is going to ask. What is Menopause? Hell I would love to hear the answer. I want know what is menopause too?

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