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Often times as women we find ourselves wearing many hats. Trying to keep up with someone else expectations. Never stopping to question why are we doing all the task in our households, cooking, helping a man to man the manor, chores, expectations for others and whatnot? Forgetting as women, we have dreams too that get push to the sideline n buried for the sake of the family. As women we tend to lose ourselves in other folks dreams. Makes me think of women that were consider chattel back when women were considered property.

Hell no…I am only human. I am a woman. I believe society thinking forget that woman are absolutely a gem.

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Our youngest son called me today n we were spewing while I perused the isles of Goodwill. I listened to his conversation. Tried to visualize his body language through his voice. He sounded jovial. Pause…..when I realized that this 21 year adult child of ours thought the world rotated around his schedule. NOT…PAUSE. Get back at me when you figure out your itinerary. Our time does not rotate around your schedule son. It was a enlightening conversation for me. As a blended family, mother, wife n friend to my family and myself. I could noit help but wonder after the call.

I think the hardest part as a parent is recognizing that a kid is not on the same page sometimes. If there was ever a biggest dissapointment I will continue to rave n rant about…it would be our child being kicked out of  West Point.

  • Do adult children really believe that their parents lives are not valuable?
  • When does life get serious for adult children?
  • At what point do parents stop viewing their adult child as a responsibility?
  • When do parents take notice that those sweet kids are not children anymore?

I love our children. Not that I have to tell anyone that part…there has been moments that I wanted to tell them to suck rocks. At the end of the day….they’re still our children. At what point do we say to those sweet kids we want to believe are kids forever. You’re a adult and the conversation, and our relationship has changed? It is time for us as parents and kids to go to the next level of the human development experience? Huh?

Mister n I are working class parents. We did our best considering the obstacles in our way. We are a story that was not suppose to happen. When our eldest child was accepted into the Air Force Academy….lord have mercy.

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Quite frankly I expected two sons to become military trained officers. Now the beat goes on….we shall see. I’ll tell you one thing is for certain….momma n poppa ain’t n will not take no goddamn mess. Believe that bantering spewing rant. Nah mane…enough already. #FOCUS n #FORWARD…or be ass out!!! Not fucking playing around. Tricks n jokes are for kids eating TRIX….dem days are over. We eating grown folks food. Got Milk n Cheerios n non process food? Huh?

Not playing kid. Bout to be pissed for real if shit is not on par…trust n believe this bantering rant. Momma ain’t fucking around. Life does not start just with the kid. NOPE….daddy is a sweetheart but if the Queen ain’t fucking happy…you already know. Play Chess to learn the goddamn game of life boo. K…….

Here what kids n folks can do if they mad.:

  • Step off. Fall back. Call me n talk maturely if you have some spew to say to ole gurl. Otherwise….UMPH!
  • DO you in your own space n crib.
  • Follow your own dream on your own accord n that does not include any parent advisement.
  • Note: I am a black mother….most sound minded black mothers ain’t taking no shit. This is not about race. I am black and I don’t know what any other ethnic group, parent or friend do when running their abode. Dem peps that raised n taught me was black. That is all I got for anybody that want to talk shit to me….mommy.
  • Oh yeah…I am a step parent. Proud of it too. I was a foster child. My god sent mother taught me about “there would be days like this n assholes that got some shit to say about”. Fuck em…nah she did not say that> Mother was a devoted n did not curse in the household. I don’t think Mother heard many curse words until daughter got jiggy a few times. I think I’ve cursed in mother presence three times….n that is cause folks thought they was dealing with a wuss n pushover in front of mother. UMPH…NOT n Nah mane. It ain’t going down like that…K.
  • On the real. I did not know what dysfunctional behavior was until folks got up in our family mix while we was minding our own business n living behind close doors…DAMN!!!! Folks be on some asinine shit for real. From knee high n when my kids became adults…..ain’t never experience half the shit talking I’ve heard from folks over the last 10 years.  Justsaying….WTF?
  • I meant dis bantering rant on my Instagram deet.: Last words to folks that stick their noses in #blended#family. Mind your own households. Wish us well n do you. #God does n will have the final word. I ain’t mad….WUV you despite it all! I ain’t dat chick though. When you talk to me. Act like you got sense. No wolf tickets allowed. Ought a be shamed of yourself for trying to rip apart a relationship. You know you get da side eye…UMPH. Love you still….carry on.  do not appreciate anyone attempting to tear apart my family. I get doggy like a dog that piss on his territory. YURP…sure do n does. Now we all good though. If I ruffled feathers this past year. OH F’ing well. That is what you get for listening to outsiders n not coming first hand to the source. #Grown #WomanRant…Momma don’t play that….but momma will let a child do what they gotta do outside of our crib. Don’t get dat old fashion mentality burn bridges that should not be burn cause you running your household on a different accord. Justsaying…..
  • Note this bantering: Dem boys now #men of ours. Along our life journey my response to asinine peeps have been less than desired. Nah mane….I made a pack when I married their daddy. They is my god sent children. Not you n nobody gonna tell me otherwise. Somebody told me the same thing when I was a younging….thank you#Mother…you is my boo. I <3 my eclectic #family n#friends. MUAH…nobody serves it up better then y’all! ❤
  • WTF is up with parents that allow their teens go roaming the streets? Label “BLACK MOBS”? I have one spew to say about that. Round em up+Prison being built=Serious fucking jail time. F all dat the racist talk. Some kids are on some TurnT up shit.
  • Say this again in case folks did not hear it. My biological, foster, folks we picked up off the streets n my friends have never spew the bantering rants I’ve been privy to hearing over the last 10 years. Shame on you. I forgive you…but your asses get the side eye. One bitten twice shy…..YUP!!!!



Facebook deet:

This is the first time I’ve said this bantering rant out loud. I WANT A ‪#‎GARDENING‬‪#‎TEAM‬‪#‎Housekeeper‬‪#‎Chef‬‪#‎Accountant‬ and a ‪#‎lawyer‬ on speed dial. On my to do list #2014. NOPE I am not ‪#‎superwoman‬. My youngest baby told me today…come on Deedee you’re superwoman. I said no I am not. I don’t want to be superwoman. I want to be just like you normal folks dat expect a superwoman with a cap n cape n whatnot. I want to live my life just like you darling…waiting on superwoman. Kid chuckled! Uh huh…NOPE. I am not superwoman. Who ever gave me that title to live up to….I hope your mouth burns from my ‪#‎Jalapeno‬peppers….drink ‪#‎water‬.

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