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I love my “GODSEND” family, biological, foster folks, marital family through marriage,  longtime friends, and virtual family. I am only one being. I wish…I wish. You are forever in my thoughts. I know some of you believe I should simply concentrate just on you but that is not humanly possibly. I just learn that…..there are soo many of you….I just want you “ALL” to know “I LOVE YOU”. That is it. Nothing to this rant but a simple “I LOVE YOU”. Be yourself. That is all you can expect of yourself. We are no longer children. Although we would like to hang onto those fleeting moments. I sure as hell would love to hang onto childhood moments. Who would have thought?

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Singing in AC


I am using this pic because I don’t want to offend anyone. I will use myself. I am no longer singing on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, representing for blue chip companies, going to church every Sunday, nor attending college, trying to be Ms. Nice….I am “GROWN” now. Matter of fact. Approaching 50 years old. I would say that age makes me very grown. Ummmmm….GROWN! Nah….nah ain’t that young girl no more. OK! I just do not want anyone expecting me to Ms. Nice Gurl on the streams. +K.

We all are adults. There comes a time when one must focus on self. The past is bittersweet. None of us can recapture the past. Let’s move forward.

How do we recapture childhood memories? You can not! Make the present moment count. That is it!

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By creating new you during your adulthood. I am using my own images because I do not want any bantering rants or bullshit comments. I am serious too!

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I have many favorite pictures. This is one of them of my cousin Samuel aka “JAMMER”.

My Uncle Luke, my cousin Sam AKA Jammer and Raymond. R.I.P. Uncle Luke and jammer. My cousin was paralyzed from the neck down due to an DUI hit and run accident in PA…he could not have any more than 20 years old. Yeah the family was quiet but the family got fucking had by the system..#JUSTSAYING back then no one held anyone accountable for driving accidents and where the fuck was MAD? I am not going to go hard but trust me I am feeling some kind of way about this story. Lord have mercy do we all have a story. TRUST ME I am angry and so is my first cousins and all of my relatives ( we always been quiet black folks and that is how most of my generation I spawn from was taught?) I love you jammer. R.I.P. Jammer and Uncle Luke.

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My cousin Marcus gunned down in Philadelphia

You ever look back with a long time friend and they visit you. They’re still living in the moment of your childhood?

A relative that is still living in the moment of the last meeting or family reunion?

A colleague that is spewing about what ya’ll use to do?

A sibling cursing you out about something that is over your head? You don’t have a clue?

Expectation from others you did not have a conversation with?

Other folks making plans for your life and you were not privy to the conversation?

Folks holding you accountable for their financial affairs but you knew nothing about it?

Other folks expecting you to be “Ms. Perfect” but you Ms. Asswipe for real but they did not read the memo?

Folks who do not fit into your “NEW” circle or the “NEW” you moving forward?

I am a old school doll that live in a 21st century world. Ummmmm….?????




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