Message for the 18 years and Older Crew

son 706x530 Message for the 18 years and Older Crew

Our Eldest Son

This message is not personal. It is specifically for the 18 year and older crew that believe life is always going to be child’s play. It is an message to alert the kids at heart to the beginning of their adulthood in case no one ever told them otherwise. Time to wake up and realize that the world did not stop because you turned 18 plus years old. You may be experiencing these symptoms if you’re 18 years plus and older. By the way as we become golden children, we are hopeful we get to do our kids the same way they did us and we plan on driving by their cribs with the same look on our face as our eldest child is giving us in this picture. My rant is said in love. Never take nothing from the journey…it is an good ride until the end. Smirk face…..


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18 Years and Older

  • Freedom – but from what? Any child in their right mind and on the right course knew they could not go anywhere that was required of an adult identification over 21 years old. But an young adult over 18 years old can still “VOTE”.
  • Sexual experiences that make your toes curl cause if you had an parent like me. You probably was an virgin when you graduated or had to sneak behind the house to get off. Please note I was only trying to protect and stop you before the real shit kicks in like safer sex and getting an woman pregnant cause you were too broke to handle the child support payment. Oh well…I still don’t care if you mad son.
  • Get your party on until the wee hours of the morning – that never meant nothing to my mother and it sure as hell does not mean anything to me. I still want to get my party, vacation and shopping sphree on but somebody lied to folks. You need money for those escapades.
  • Chef, Housekeeper, Mentor, Tutor, Driver, etc – you must have thought your parents were all of those things and “YES” they were. Sort of will make an kid feel rich until they realize once they get out in the real world. Dang my parents did all of that for me?
  • Insurance – my parents took care of medical checkups and dental care. If I am in college the Affordable Healthcare Act got my back all because of my parents. Now that is whassup..UMPH!
  • Married Kids – Just cause I get married my parents still love me as I am. Sure do and always will. Now I get to visit your crib. I sure will and you can count on it! Stay cation and here I come…pick up the phone and I need an door key.
  • Young graduating kids straight out of college that got kicked out of college – that are mad at their parents for not being their paper towel and not taking any nonsense- oh well!  You have issues it is not the other way around. Do you and your imperfect parents will be sitting there on the sidelines with popcorn watching to see what happens next.  At least these parents will until you sow your wild and spoiled oats. Mean it too but love you. Oh yeah, you’re room has not been converted but your mind is slowly getting there…justsaying don’t wait by the phone. NOPE….where you think you learn stubbornness from? MOI!
  • You don’t like your step-parents – who cares. What do you expect the step parent to do…act like paper towel or knuckle down in the trenches to make sure the family held it together despite it all? You better hope you don’t ever have to remarried. All I can tell you is do not make the same mistakes your parent(s) made. In my case I am the step parent, and I already know that was not an walk in the park for me either. Thank goodness someone wanted to parented despite their imperfect ways and you were an part of the package. What was the person to do…get rid of the stepkid? I think not…it is an package deal and you were an part of it. Get over it and thank God for imperfect step-parents. If I were the child I would be giving the side eye to the biological parent that did not hold up their end of the deal. HUH!
  • Grateful – (message to our sons) Daddy and I are crazy enough to tell you “I love You” and wished an lot of parents did that with their children. Thankful we took heed and listened to our mother and fathers advice. Nothing happened to you (children) under our care and we did not have anything regrettably disturbing happening under our watch I can remember. Except an occasion lashing of our tongue to your wayward ways, we may have embarrassed you an time or two in front of your friends and we won’t put it all out there but it was all done in love. Oh yeah, did we mention you was an spoiled child but an good child, well cared for, demanding in your ways, serious about life and occasionally did not like the household rules. Oh well, one day you will have grandchildren. TRUST me they will be well taken care of under this roof and will be taught to VOTE!
  • Lastly why are teenager not strapping up and why are young folks not getting tested for HIV? Who lied to you young folks that you’re immune from STD’s. You have more to be concerned about because of the babies borned with HIV are in your dating pool and ain’t nobody talking about it. Hence, I was 17 years old when the HIV virus hit that scene…like really you’re 18 years old and you think your immune from the virus. Like WHY? Who lied to you and told you were that hot that you can not contract the virus? I guess since the conversation is silent in your households it must not exist, you think there is an cure or it does not apply to you because your coming of age to start having sex and your parents are not privy to your sexual prowess? But guess what? You are though responsible for the sexual behavior and decision you make as with most folks in the world except for the babies that are born with the virus who did not have an clue based on those folks that were not cognizant they’re living in an epidemic society.
  • Register to VOTE – you are now 18 years and part of the voting crew.
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18 voter

Anyone turning 18 and over the age of 18 years old acting like life is an bowl of cherries cause you are not aware it is about to get real about becoming an adult in your own cribs. This message is specifically for YOU! Are you registered to vote and will you be casting an vote? Or will you be in your parents cribs, having sex without practicing safe sex, be an asinine kid entering adulthood, chatting on an social media board like you don’t have an care in the world or will you simply grow up and be responsible enough to VOTE for your “OWN” future best interest? Inquiring minds want to know where your heads are at? The social security, medicare and whatnots is all about your future. Anyone right now experiencing real adult ish already know what it is and we are pissed off. What about you wet behind the ears calling yourself an adult living in your parent crib, just graduated from college, had an baby, talking mess to your parents and going to college crew? Please VOTE, that would be an start toward claiming your futures, being tuned into your future when you finally grow up and the least you can do for your future best interest.

When surfing for images to place in this blog post. I found it to be an damn shame that Google images has nothing but sexual images of 18 years olds in compromising position. What does that say of an child coming of age. All you think about is sexing one another…SMH. Don’t believe me Google for yourself under images “18 year old teens” and your face will crack or grin but nevertheless it is an damn shame when that is all folks think of 18 year olds folks coming of age. WHY?

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