Let’s Talk Industy | Male Boys Being Molested by Celebrity Men

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NSFW Warning: This video contains highly graphical language that might make your face wrinkle up. Listen on headsets if you are at work. I have been following this story on Da Doo Dirty Show for quite some: DJ Baker goes in real hard, raw, real and serves the tea without any sugar. Get into to it you conversative girls and boys….there is a little straight, bi, hetero and trans talk, sugar, candy and tea for everyone of us. Listening to the show is not for a meek audience despite being gay, straight, transsexual or bisexual acclimation we all claim to honor. Child you gonna get a little Howard Stern, Jamie Fox, Wendy Williams, Barbra Walters and DJ Baker all mix in the tea = Da Doo and Dirty talk happening in cyberspace and television. The show has been around for a a couple of seasons and DJ is based in New York City.

DAMN, I am stunned after listening to the allegations being made against Chris Stokes by Raz B videotape.

Why is this story interesting? Because the mainstream media ignored it! Oh yeah, if you not out there in the world cooning the hell out, white trashing it, baring your ass, talking naysayer shit, than of course your not going to be on the mainstream morning and evening news segment . Enough with the bullshit, time to protect our boys, whether they are gay, straight or transsexual.

I am sad for RAZ B after hearing the second video circulating the Internet. The harsh reality is that his video may be truthful along with the Bishop Eddie Long debacle. What folks are questioning are Raz B intent and actions because he backpeddle after lord knows what?

I feel bad for saying that RAZ B is doing this for publicity on your show and said he is on some different shit. I am listening to this child with a new perspective ctive! This is DEEP! Lord knows the videotape is revealing. Is it an unscripted video going in a direction far beyond Raz B seeking publicity? That is the slippery slope RAZ must get over because he recanted his statement sometime ago. The new video circulating the Internet is far beyond the scope of publicity, money, shame or anything that the masses would think…..perhaps he needed the courage to come forward. Hell! I don’t know! The mainstream media did not give him any airwaves nor broadcast his story? WTF! This child is going through something….is RAZ B attempting to show that he was rape and don’t want anyone to think he is gay? Do the folks he is recording on his iPhone know they are being videotaped? Does RAZ B care if the people he telephone know they are being videotaped and that he could be breaking the law? Is he really coming forward with his story or is this a ploy to promote a product.

Often to many times whenever a celebrity is attempting to come back on the scene. It appears they attempt to garner the public attention with a shocking story. Is this the case?

As dramatic as it Raz B sound or there are countless children around the world who reach out to love ones that are silence by the very folks who are suppose to protect them from any harm. Young boys are on everyone’s lips nowadays! Go figure! Young boys are suffering in silence and are we ignoring them because our minds can not perceive the thought of it? Do we live in a society that we have place a title and stereotype of how we believe boys and men are suppose to behavior that we ignore their suffering? Now I am laden with a burden of thought?

Is there really something to the celebrity male entertainment world that is being revealed by Raz B?

DAMN! The very thought of this actually happening to young boys sickens me to my stomach!


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