Happy Valentine’s Day Is All About Loving Yourself

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US Valentine's Day 2000

Twelves years ago on Valentine’s Day my husband proposed to me at McCormick & Schmick’s after eating a delicious dinner. I married him and two little boys 4.5 years later. The marriage did not come without its own challenges and obstacles. It has not always been easy but one thing is for certain that I’ve learn. Valentine’s Day is not all about materialism, gifts, chocolate and flowers. It is a day for loving and being yourself. When you remove all of the superficial stuff and look in the mirror at yourself. I mean really look at yourself. That person in that mirror is a beautiful person. The greatest love is learning to love yourself Happy Valentine’s Day. 

The above Polaroid picture was taken at the McComick & Schmicks Washington, D.C. location. The restaurant manager snapped our picture. I totally forgot to turn around. I was very happy. The restaurant was filled with people, chatty and everyone was clapping. It is an memorable moment for Gordon and I. I was wearing a red dress.


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