Guilty Verdict In Angie Zapata Murder Case

Serves his ass right…he deserves to get the death penalty. Allen Andrade has been convicted of first degree murder in the beating death of trans teen Angie Zapata. He got more than he gave 18 year old, Angie Zapata. Today the jury found him guilty without parole. That’s huge for the transgender community. The law must change and start to treat all human beings with equal and fair rights. Enough with this gay violence and ignorance. I get tired of hearing about these men who claim they didn’t know that they were with a tranny or a gay man. It’s bullshit….Have you notice lately that transgender(s) are speaking up about their relationship with alleged so-called straight men.

There are witnesses like Andrade’s roommate JJ Alejandro, who said the accused killer absolutely thought Zapata was a woman. The prosecution says Andrade knew of Zapata’s MTF status at least 36 hours before he murdered her; they presented evidence the pair went to a traffic court together nine days prior to the murder, where Zapata was recognized as Justin, her birth name. Andrade’s attorneys say he beat Zapata to death only after discovering she was born a man, and the crime was committed in the heat of the moment. Read More

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