So what if Soulja is gay!

With all the reality TV and tell all books on the scene today; people should just be themselves to avoid be made a spectacle by someone who will air out their dirty laundry. Your closet secrets will be put on blast by love ones and friends just for their 15 minutes of so call famed and fortune. A lot of times money is involve with the alleged exposure of gay folks. I am going to tell the world your gay. So what if your gay. Enough already, gay men have existed since the beginning of biblical times. If Soulja boy is gay, it is probably thousands of young men in the entertainment industry who are gay. That is their business. Why is someone sexuality important in our society today? It is the stereotypical and moral views that are the cause of people keeping who they really are in the closet. Does being gay effect some-one’s talent? Does it effect how smart they are and their ability to learn? Does it effect how successful they will become? Enough with the slander and defamation of some-one’s character to get a come up. Rely on your own abilities and talent to make it in this world. It is their business and they have to live with their choice and so does everyone else in this world. This video is a joke and so is the cat in it!

Soulja Boy has had a rough end of the year and beginning of 2009. He is a young rapper who has been exposed to a lot of money really fast without any positive role models to guide him down the right path. Anytime you get on a video and brag about materialism and money that you can’t take with you, what does it say about your character? Perhaps you never had money…or maybe you like to boast. That is what got him robbed by guys who were watching his every move. It could have been someone within his own circle of family and close friends that set him up. What is the likelihood of this crime being random? You really have to be careful about the people you socialize with in today’s society. People are desperate and losing their value system.

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