Out The Effin Gate…I MEAN IT TOO!!!!

Whatever I am cussing n spewing. FUCK Y’all simple minded bitches and mofos.

Kid go do you. Let the door know hit you in the ass. Since you bad n whatnot. Ain’t nobody got time for your snotty nose ass. Parents need to take back their power in their cribs. UMPH! Fuck that. Note this….I can give a shit about dem parent offended. If the goddamn shoe fit…ear the goddamn shoe n fix the foot size biddy boos n mofos. Kids are out of control on dem city streets. WHOAser….dem kids bout to become slaves in dem corporate jails.

Neither does biddies boo, grandma, nanna n guardians…how bout that in your tea and coffee. #LetsGo n handle at the front line n dem trenches aka the crib. Fuck dat…time to get jiggy with a goddamn #kid#Streets are talking. WTF? is going on in y’all households? I’ll be damn….let’s get goddamn jiggy in the cut…one of friend say this phrase. What it do cuttey…no that’s right big brother…fuck dat bullshit. Not up in here. Let’s Move cuttey n do the damn thing. What we not gonna have is monsters up in the da cut. Not here n not today. STEP your simple ass into wilderness n do you child. Serious…let dat door knob hit you in the ass n go do you. FUCK DAT!



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