Miss California Feels Backlash From Anti-Gay Comment

By now everyone have heard about the Miss California vs. Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton. The question concerning gay marriage left a lof of folks stunned by her view on the subject and may have cost her the crown. Should she have just smiled, flip her hair and came up with an answer that would have appeased everyone? Her celeb friends and colleagues are distancing themselve from her because of her answer. Damn, she need to ask herself were they really her friends….to the point that there is a video called Link Party: Gay Rainstorm Coming Everyone from FoxNews, Miley Cyrus, Giuliana Rancic wrote on her Twitter page at 10:01 a.m. EDT today about how she makes me sick and Miss California said she feels sorry for Perez. She will pray for him.

You know this is a story that is getting a lot of heat and steam but were was all of these opiniated people during the voting for Proposition 8? No one stood up for it as hard as they are now beating this young lady head against the wall over her anti-gay marriage comments. Perez is openly gay and is getting a lot of media attention. Folks are jumping on the “how dare she say that” bandwagon bullshit. No one should be allowed to force their point of view on another and because Perez did not agree with her anti-gay comment she is being labeled a bitch and a cunt. He wouldn’t like being called a faggot, troll or any other derogatory gay name that one would be called if gay. Perez is quick to jump on others when they call other names and he doesn’t have a problem being vocal on his blog about it either. It is not OK for him to name call either.  Miss California does not deserves the name calling and downright bashing of her opinion. I can’t force my opinion about racial discrimination and get media attention nor should he be allowed to use the media to degrade another person for speaking what was her response to his very open question about gay marriage. I am sure he knew that type of question would generate controversy if she was not in agreement with his views about gay marriage. Perez knew what he was doing when he ask the question and her honest opinion about gay marriage may have caused her the USA crown.

 Miss California Feels Backlash From Anti Gay Comment
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