Britney Spear’s Dad Is A Hero

Oh my goodness! The visual that I got after watching and listening to how Chris Brown beat on Rihanna makes me have mad respect for Britney Spear’s dad. She should bow down, give her father a big hug and thank “GOD”! Spear’s dad saved her from herself and the leeches that were sucking the life out of her. She had no support during this time and she was turning into a hot mess. When Spears was having her public meltdown, her dad was probably at home yelling at the television screen saying, oh no she didn’t just to that ! He swoop down with a quickness on Britney’s toxic lifestyle and said enough is enough! Despite what the media wrote about him; Jamie Spears was on a mission to save his daughter from herself and the trolls. By golly WOW, her life is no longer a “Circus”! Now look at Britney, she is coming back and doing what made her the greatest pop princess in the first place. Her support team is behind her, helping her to restore and handle her celebrity lifestyle.

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“Love Don’t Cost A Thing”, Rihanna’s dad and her entire crew are assholes; and her entire staff should be replaced. What makes this story horrific is that Chris Brown beat her like she was silly putty. No women deserves that type of treatment from a man. Where are the men in Rihanna’s life? What is her mother doing about this situation? Where was her security team the night of the allege beatdown? When Chris Brown secretly visited Rihanna at Diddy‘s house, there should have been a crew of men waiting at the door ready to whup that ass and to prevent their reconcilation. It should not have been any kissing and smooching nonsense to save his relationship with her. He is using her to save his career and public image; what’s left of it. He is making her look bad to her fans, by going back to Brown she sends a strong message that she condones domestic abuse towards women. I said in an suggested previous blog post that Brown may have been defending himself. After hearing that he head locked her, hit her dead on in her face, her mouth was filled with blood and than he tried to kick her out the car but the seat belt held her in place. *Gasp! No now I understandy why the (state) is charging him with 2 felonies. *Gasping; what the fuck was he thinking? Did he think he was going to get away with killing her; had he been successful with kicking her out of a moving vehicle she could have died from the injury. Rihanna entire management crew should be fire for allowing this type of behavior to go on behind the scenes. It has been reported that this is not the first time he has abused Rihanna. There is nothing worse than hearing that this was not the first time he had abused her by the people who is suppose to have your back. This incident is an example of what could  happen to a women when she allows a man to abuse her on a continuous basis. Chris could have kill her in his fit of rage. I really did not want to believe that Brown beat down on Rihanna but there is no escaping the graphic details from yesterday’s court hearing which was broadcast worldwide. He really  did attempted to cause serious bodily harm to our pop princess.

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To hear that Rihanna was holed up with Brown in one of Diddy’s crib is unbelievable and confusing. What is she thinking? What was Diddy thinking? Doesn’t she care about how she is perceived by her fans, endorsements and sponsors? Diddy should have had his crew there ready to whip Chris Brown’s ass unless all he cares about is free publicity despite this abusive situation. I am surprise that Diddy would allow a reconciliation to happen at his house with all of the controversy surrounding Chris Brown who is charged with domestic abuse.  8-O  Clearly there are insiders who should have came to this young lady’s rescue before it came to this! Especially the people who claim that they witness Brown abusing Rihanna prior to this abusive incident.

I have mad respect for Britney Spear’s dad after listening to that stupid ass comment that Rihanna’s dad made. He should have beat Brown’s ass and make him cry for mercy. The same ass whipping that Chris Brown put down on Rihanna is the same one he should have received by now. A lot of celebrities gave their two cents including me but I don’t think we really knew the seriousness of the suitation and no one could have identify with the abuse that Rihanna endured at the hands of her abuser. Rihanna must get over the embarrassment and come forward to prosecute this women beater. She must lead by example and do the right thing so that this doesn’t happen again. She need to get over the guilt, embarrassment and become a voice for domestic abuse . Her fans would expect her to act responsibly and to use Brown as an example. She must come forward to send a message to men that this is what happens when you hit a women. It is obvious that she does not have any support from her family, friends and management team. It is obvious that she needs help to get the strength to move forward. She needs Britney Spear’s dad to swoop down on her and take control of the suitation. I guess Rihanna’s followers all rely on her for financial support. What other reason would they agree and allow anything to happen to her. I could be wrong but the only one who came out at first when the media reported this incident was Jay Z. He basically told Brown to expect an ass whupping when I see you. It almost seems that Brown got away with abusing Rihanna because people are reporting they are back together. This a sad story, the abuse this young lady received from Chris Brown was unwarranted and unacceptable. I don’t care of she threw coke cola on the hood of your car. Reading a text message does give him a right to beat down on her. Screw damage control by his PR team, he should have thought about his career before he put his hands on Rihanna.

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