Black History Month Question?

21st Black History Month Question?  

What did black folks or non white skinned folks do to white folks to warrant the horrific treatment by white folks?

Can we all have a intelligent conversation without getting heated? Oh seriously…I always wondered what was it about black folks that cause white folks to hate black skinned folks? Seriously…I am a descendent of slavery. I am sure my ancestors wondered the same thing too…what was it that cause white America to target the African American aka Negro or non white American as a slave, someone to use or abuse? I always wondered? Can someone answer that question intelligently or ponder for a moment?

All ethnic groups need to understand the reasoning behind the hatred toward African Americans? Huh? We all are about to become slaves in the 21st century if we do do close the gap in the melting pot. The disparity among the working class is confusing. Folks do not realize we are all poor, in the same pool regardless of our skin color….some body lied to people about ethnicity.

India has practice a cast system for eons that is liken to what Americans practice silently. But no one speaks of it on the Western shores…UMPH! We are all in the same pool although no one wishes to speak of it. There is no such thing as skin color.

Black folks have “melanin” in their skin. Alabaster skin folks tan in the summer to darker their skin…why is that? I always wondered. I like to sun bathe too despite being a dark skinned sista gurl. The sun makes me feel good, evens out my skin tone and I feel good in the sun. Don’t we all love the sun? Huh? What does race have to do with it?

High yellow girl, dark skin chocolate gurl, rose color, alabaster and blond and natural hair beauties….it is all irrelevant. Americans has never practice a cast system

What is the deal with ethnicity in America? I am just asking?

Why do some folks hate “dark” black skinned people? I wish I was dark skinned blue hue even toned black skinned woman.

What is the deal with self hate? You do not like yourself? Huh…what is that about?

What is the deal with crab in the barrel mentality? Black folks don’t like themselves? Why? Am I suppose to hate being a black woman?

What is the deal with equating Chicken and Watermelon only with black people? Everybody eat Chicken, at least non vegan folks.

Can we “all” have a intelligent conversation about the depiction of African American people? Slavery? Self hatred? Huh? IDK…all the answers for everyone, henceforth, I simply need to be comfortable in my “black skin”. I do not have a choice lest I use skin whitening products. I am good in my

curly girl in the garden Black History Month Question?

Just be yourself!

This year “Black History” means a lot of things to me.

I AM BLACK HISTORY. I get it…I am black in “America”. We have a “black President” in the “White House”. The house that slaves built.

I just found out this year I am literally a “African American living in America. A country that does not accept me because of my dark skin. DAMN….

Imagine that for one moment. No one likes you because of your skin color? DAMN! I thought I was a human being living in this world. For one moment, henceforth, I thought for a glimpse of a second. I AM A HUMAN BEING! FOR ONE SECOND MY MIND CONJURES UP THE THOUGHT.



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