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During my upbringing there was a misconception that African Americans and Africans don’t like one another. I have met Africans who believed that coming to America was their golden opportunity for becoming successful. Only for them to discover that the land of opportunity was no different from their African soils.

This documentary explores African Americans that reside in Africa. Each year since I can remember during Black History month we tend to hear the same stories about our ancestors, slavery, and civil rights leaders who have paved the path for African Americans to follow. It is time that during Black History month we focus on the folks who are living and promoting growth in our society today. It is no secret that most folks in the African American community do not have a passport to travel outside of the United States. Why is that? Is it money or negative images about other folks cultures that continually keep folks ignorant about others outside of their own culture?

I am sure there are still Nigerian scam artist lurking in the backgrounds but we have a lot of those type of folks in the United States. Check out the Youtube video 7/7 to glimpse inside the homes…gorgeous!

Black Without Borders is an emotional story about hardship, sacrifice and great rewards. This film plunges into the lives of a group of African Americans who have come to South Africa to find the American dream. These expats have discovered that America is not the only land of opportunity. The boundaries that many of them faced in the United States dont exist in South Africa. Everyone knows about the deplorable conditions in parts of Africa, but this film captures the wonderful lifestyle South Africa has to offer. We follow these modern day globetrotters all over the country and tour their amazing homes. From an 11,000 sq ft. house that overlooks the Indian Ocean to a 35,000 sq ft. mansion that sits on 700 acres.

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