Why Are Extremist Targeting Women?

I would have to agree with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Love me some Hillary Clinton…sure do!

The million dollar question of the day. Why are extremist focusing on women?

“Why extremists always focus on women remains a mystery to me,” she says. “They want to control how we dress, they want to control how we act, they even want to control the decisions we make about our own health and our own bodies.”

All women in this country and around the globe should be outrage. Especially during the 21st century. Who are these people that continally force their issues on women? The last time I had an lump removed from my breast. I don’t remember seeing any of these cats purporting what I want as an woman showing up at the hospital. Hell. I didn’t even get a card. All I got was an bill. The list goes on…if you live long enough. You will find out the real deal about how these cats feel about your health and contraception. These same men can give a damn about your and mine health at the end of the day. All they care about is their own health when it is time to meet their maker. TRUST & BELIEVE! THAT!

hillary Why Are Extremist Targeting Women?

Hillary Clinton

Women are no longer chattel. I agree that during the 21st century why are women bodies being used as a political speech on platforms?

Especially in the United States where teenage pregnancy is rampant, Catholic churches are raping our young boys, AME pastors are being coy about being homosexual, the black church pretending that gay folks do not exist, Wall Street elite was able to rob the bank and coffers of the working class folks around the globe. Fuck a conversation about how I handle birth control.

What about those folks that rob the folks of their American dream? The folks that believe the conversation at business meetings in conference rooms. If you work for us. You will be promoted and become as wealthy as the CEO? What about our Seniors? What about social security and Medicare for our seniors? What about college education and rising cost of tuition? What about “JOBS”? What about the housing industry? What about racial discrimination? What about police being allowed to lie on police reports? What about the unfair judicial system? What about all the money seeped into non profit organizations that has not cured AIDS, poverty, homelessness and hunger around the globe? What about that? Hmmmmm…..

Comment I left on Facebook to on one of my cyberpeep wall.

Republicans for President Obama. I was an independent from the moment I was allowed to VOTE! I became an Democrat 3 years ago simply because I thought I needed to take a side. Screw sides….as an independent. I use to say. What man or women is spewing the right stuff for my life. At the end of the day we are very removed from our government. Our life and how we live it is totally dependent upon ourselves…justsaying that is what I’ve have learn along my own journey.

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