Top Reasons Folks Not VOTING for President Obama

homeless Top Reasons Folks Not VOTING for President Obama

Despair © Delores Randall

If you’re just now tuning into the political bantering noise during the 21st century. You need to read some of the top reasons folks are not voting for President Obama bantering rants and the raving noise being touted as the reasons folks not  for that black guy in 2012


Homeless on the Street Top Reasons Folks Not VOTING for President Obama

Homeless on the DMV Street 2007 © Delores Randall

The bantering rants go on and on but one thing is certain dem pubs goal when they hoodwinked the American working class folks into voting for them during President Obama term. Make our president an one term president. That was their mission. The American people best interest was the last thing on their agenda. Know that much while you giving our President of the United States the side eye.

In case anyone is wondering.:

If being an President without the assistance of the house floor folks. You know those folks “VOTED” by the people who fell for dem pubs rhetoric campaigning bullshit during 2010 mid-term elections. I would have to say President Barack Obama and the The The White House administration from day one has been cleaning up the dung left on the desk. Most folks can’t clean their toilet at least once an week. President Obama accomplishments while serving public office may escape some asinine folks. Remember during the mid term election when dem pubs said their entire mission is to make our President an one term president from day one. While at the same time touting they’re going to create jobs for the American people? Member that?

Dem pubs had no intention on doing anything for the American people. Time to kick dem pubs out the house. All the deceit and bullshitting on the floor wasting taxpayers money on repeals, dem pubs got their hands in women’s vaginal cavities, voter suppression, not paying taxes, unfair advantage and same old bullshit they have been telling the working class as long as I’ve been alive. Dem pubs tricked the American people into believing they were going to create jobs. Thus far all dem pubs created has been havoc. Instead of doing their goddamn job, all dem pubs have been doing is acting like an secretive group namely “KKK” without the mask. VOTE PRESIDENT OBAMA and VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN. While we at too, clean the house floor and VOTE DEMOCRAT DOWN THE LIST. IT IS TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE OF DEM PUBS 2012! THIS IS MY OPINION AND I AM STICKING WITH IT!

Better speak up while you have the chance to become an part of the process. After the fact, don’t nobody want to hear ANY whining and what some one did not do for you, name calling and whatnot. 99 percent of the working class folks are in the same pool. Some of us are in denial about that “FACT”!


This song did not happen four years ago…Sam Cooke has been singing this song but did folks listen to the words in 1963. Did anyone think of an “CHANGE” was an coming or did we wait until the first African American president get into office to blame? This rant is for all ethnic groups that read my rants. Who are the real culprits to blame?

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