Teenager Transition to Adulthood


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Honey moon n all that fru fru shit is over. “I AM NOT PLAYING” at all. NOPE. I suggest your purported adult ass get #FOCUS ASAP before you find out just how fucking grown up my black ass really is….how is dat for real talk? Teenager transitioning to adulthood….ummmm empty netters live too n do the groove thing while watching you. K…..WTF is going on with the younger black younger generation? All I can spew about is black folks. I am a black person. I don’t know shit about being a white person in the 21st century. I am a black person. All I can do is speak on black culture….white folks need to speak up about white culture.

Insider spew.: Hurts me to my heart to have to say this virtual. But nah…you are def on some asinine shit.: Once bitten twice shy. Grown folks talk. When you get to be my age mark. Talk n spew at me. In the meantime, I suggest your simple ass follow instructions. Nah until you are a 3.5 GPA…fall back. You can’t tell me shit…K!!!

On the real….ole gurl reads her books, eat her goddamn veggies n taught your simple ass. Fall back goddamn it. Enough already…I have had a enough of the fucking folly wang…YOU heard…do you n put on that performanace for dem folks. Only assclowns put on a show without pay….nah. You know what it tis with me. I don’t give a fuck. Do not call me…chime or none of dat asinine dysfunctional shit. Lest you about to independent. Nope…not that doll to be checked lest you ready to be checked…my feeling put out there? NOPE….but yours will be. K…not playing.

I meant every goddamn word I said from the word “GO”. Did you? Think this is a freaking game n we is on your time to fuck over…..do not think so younging. I suggest you pull all that boot strap in n get a grip….cause ain’t nobody feeling all dat asinine shit but you. How is that for real talk on a blog.

Now when I see you….ummm pull it in…all I need is a signal to move out the way n carry on with mi life n trust imma keep moving. K….

This is grown panties n real talk for real. For real…ain’t nobody got time for asinine snotty kids we raised in our cribs on some different shit/NOPE!!!!


On the real. Some children that decide to leave home on their own accord. Do not have a clue about the mess they’ve created, the relationships they’ve tarnished, the peoples feeling they’ve hurt n the neighbors they may have fucked up….when said “kid decide life ain’t a goddamn bowl of Cheerios”.

After their parents told n attempt to lead the transition into adulthood. Kid fuck it up. Come home with a story. Blame the world n everybody except their folly….like damn. WTF? Oh seriously? Like everybody is on their watch to scrub, bath n do their bid?

Quite frankly…I understand “God says” forgive, listen to the story, give a chance but when is it OK to say “FUCK OFF”? Seriously…enough!!!!

On the real…if I did not have the upbringing I had biologically n my foster parents n the church. Kids in the 21st century would;d be ass out. When do parents, community n folks harm get to say enough “goddammit”? Like when?

I hate to say this but from what I am reading. I would lock all dem monster teenagers n adults up….why is it that folks during the 21st century folks suppose to live in fear of being harm. We have senior citizens that have worked hard in this country being beaten up, folks going out to dinner n whatnot….WTF? Is the racism conversation just a divisive tool?

What folks not gonna do is use the color of my skin as a divisive tool n division tool to divide the ethnic group to silence folks. Folks are

really being harm across the globe.

This is da 21st century world in whence we peeps live in…I say channel into the #conversation lest you ass out!!!


  • How bout that? I am not taking it back…not picking up the phone to hear shit talking. YOU HEAR? NOW>>>>If you block me this time. I do not give a shit…hate to be you. #ASSOUT. Disconnected cause you not trying to hear folks on their grind truth. Nah…no disruptions allowed. Go hand out w dem tricks….nah when you done. Nah we are carrying on with our #DREAMS#FORWARD don’t spew that bullshit how nobody wanted to help you…NOPE. WE love you but ain’t nobody feeling the scully wag…heard? I suggest you get straight n narrow before your find your ass on a goddamn limb,,,,,sure I am not the only one say this rant either….otherwise do you. K…
    How is dat for real #taslk? WUV YOU n Y’ALL! Cry me a goddamn river in da hood black n whites n all you asinine peeps on some scully shit! Like WTF is happening in dem damn streets. Why nobody saying nothing?
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