Kudos To Bill Maher for Being A Standup Man

Some would argue that Bill Maher comments are too late. Not so…some folks need to fall back with their disrespectful comments toward our current President of the United States, President Obama. I am under the impression that folks are coming from the left because he is a black man. Look at how his own cabinet of staff treat their boss? I said it before and I will say it again! President Obama is the hardest working black man in America right now. I personally found the interview with Bill O’ Reilly of our president disrespectful but no one ask me anything….the one question that I ponder is.: If we had a white president would the country be any different right now? Take a look at the economy and the environment of the country? Folks are fighting, the president stepped knee deep into a war, the real estate market was tumbling and jobs were not that plentiful. Here come President Obama…and folks expect him to turn the country around in a day? UH HUH? I am with Bill Maher….half the folks that I talk nonsense about in a wayward way….I was still taught to have an inkling of freaking respect for in the good ole United States.

hqdefault Kudos To Bill Maher for Being A Standup Man

Now of course some folks would beg to differ….but opinions are like behind, we all have one. I thought politics and religion did not mixed, at least that is what I was taught growing up in this country?

“Yes [I made disrespectful comments about the President] but not to his face. That’s the difference. People are so [expletive] stupid. Yes, you’re right. I called Bush a [number of names attacking his intelligence]. But if I went to the White House and was sitting in the Oval Office talking to Bush, I would not talk to him that way, because I would have respect for the office. And when you talk to the President, even when you don’t agree with him and don’t like him, you let him finish a sentence.”

Here’s I see it from my perspective.:
Black men are suppose to stay in their lane and the President of the United States is no different. Despite being an Harvard graduate…you have folks who are stating the president is an one term president, dumb and doing everything behind the scenes to sabotage his efforts. What does that say about Harvard University? You know those deep rooted issues that go as far back as slavery that would prevent any minority from excelling so that ish could be talked about after the fact…YEAH! Those historical facts, take a closer look at the cabinet and perhaps some of you had a few folks in your family tree talk nonsense about black folks? Uh huh! I know one thing, if President Obama is a one term president…who ever takes the reign after him has their job cut out for them and at the end of the day. I would be surprise if President Obama want to run again for presidency? Once he took office all the vultures came out for meat, veggies and lord knows his job is not easy one…it is easy to talk about what we would do but no one is sitting in the president seat.
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