Fight for Your Right to Vote ~ Show Up At the Polls 2012

Voting Rights Act 1965 Civil Rights Movement Fight for Your Right to Vote ~ Show Up At the Polls 2012


Voting Rights Act of 1965.  The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was signed into law by U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson on August 6, 1965.  This law was created to enforce the Fifteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.  The Voting Rights Act of 1965 banned such discriminatory practices as literacy tests for voters.

On Tuesday November 8, 2011 was local election day in several states and cities around the United States. This was the opportunity for voters to fight for their rights by voting in local and state elections, including ballot initiatives in Ohio to curb union power and in Mississippi that could outlaw abortion, governors races in Kentucky and Mississippi, and big-city mayoral contests. The elections were the last before voters go to the polls early next year in various state primaries and caucuses to pick a Republican challenger to face President Barack Obama, a Democrat, in the November 2012 presidential contest.

  • Mississippi ~ voters are asked to decide whether human life begins at conception, called “personhood amendment” to the state constitution. If it passes, Mississippi would be the first U.S. state to define a fertilized egg as a person, a controversial concept aimed at outlawing abortion, some types of birth control and infertility methods that result in the loss of embryos.
  • In Mississippi, there was the possibility of the first black governor of the state in Johnny DuPree, the first African American to win a major party nomination for governor in the Dixie-fied state. DuPree is up against the current lieutenant governor Phil Bryant, an conservative Tea Party member. Bryant wants an Arizona-style immigration bill for Mississippi. You would think blacks would especially be interest in protecting their voting rights or perhaps they did not get the memo? Bryant wants a voter ID law and plans to redistrict the state to effectively strip all power from majority black areas.  The turnout sucked…less than 37% Africans American showed up at the polls. 54% Bryant (R), 40% DuPree (D)
  • Governors were chosen in Kentucky and Mississippi. There are elections for mayors in eight of the nation’s largest 25 cities including Houston, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Phoenix.
  • Kudos to Ohio voters for overturning a law that would severely restrict the collective bargaining rights of public sector unions in the state. Ohio has 360,000 public sector union members and the fifth largest number of total union members in the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Buckeye State’s GOP-backed SB 5 law curbing collective bargaining voted down 37% to 62%. Voters in Ohio have approved a ballot measure intended to keep government from requiring Ohioans to participate in any health care system.
  • Arizona ~ An Arizona lawmaker who championed the state’s tough crackdown on illegal immigration last year faces a recall election. There were major mayoral elections in eight cities, including Baltimore, Houston, Charlotte and Philadelphia.
  • Voters in Maine have approved a ballot measure on allowing same day voter registration. The state Republican Party had run ads urging the issue’s defeat, by attempting to deceive voters that pro-gay rights groups supported it.
  • Voter ID: State Requirements ~ Summary of state requirements for voter ID at the polls. Be prepared for the upcoming 2012 election. Fight for your rights to vote by showing up at the polls to cast your vote. No vote means your voice will not be heard within your local community.

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