Zirconia and Diamonds For Brides To Be

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On the Michael Baisden show today, he is asking if American women influence other women from other countries. He is asking his listeners that due to the economy, will women except Zirconia in place of a diamond. What do you think about that request brides and grooms to be? It is wedding season and brides are picking out venues as I type this post. A lot of women and men are losing their jobs, houses and families are being torn apart due to the financial crisis. People are still going to get married in any economic climate but are they willing to downgrade the bling bling and the blitzy reception because of tight purse strings? The average wedding cost about $25k plus at least and that does not include the honeymoon. Some women are caught up in the fantasy who lives for their wedding day and will not settle for less. You might settle for a diamond that is conflict free and won’t hurt your pocket.

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