Your Kids Are Watching A Sideway Vagina

Parental Eyesore Your Kids Are Watching A Sideway Vagina

The advertising folks came up with this ad that is suppose to resemble a vagina. According to the advertising experts television and Internet keep your kids’ eyes away from pornography. If that is what it suppose to be…then what is up with the white pus looking spot in the center? At first glance I am thinking there is an infection present? Notice the hairs to the left of the photo….ole girl forget to shave that part? Uh huh! What the heck is the real message here? Do You Know What Your Kids Are Watching? They are watching a lot more on television, computers, iPods and tech gadgets that allow them to view just about everything in advertising than my generation. Gone are the days of monitoring children and X-Rating viewing…parents are in overdrive mode simply trying to hold it down. Additionally some parents are force to put an parental lock on television screens and computers….children are watching what they damn well please.

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Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Jakarta, Indonesia

Creative Director: Widyalupi Nonis

Art Director: Ridward Ongsano

Copywriter: Rina Putri

DI Artist: C Production

Photographer: Gerard Adi

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