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Say what ya’ll want about this glamor married women. She is called many things but one thing is for certain; Beyonce is a platinum modern day business women breaking all of the glass ceiling rules for African American women doing business around the globe. Check her out on the cover of “Vogue” looking like the siren that Hip Hop extraordinaire Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay Z married. I have to commend Mr. and Mrs. Carter for getting together with Rihanna over the weekend to celebrated the young starlet belated birthday. That meeting should shut down all of the naysayers who talk smack about Rihanna and Jay Z; which by the way does not matter at this point because dude is very married to a beautiful and successful women. I hope that Mrs. Carter gave the young starlet “Rihanna” encouragement and a shoulder to cry on. Lord knows Rihanna could use some veterans to take her under their wings without exposing all of her business for a quick buck. The Carters are the folks she need to surround herself with after the public watched in horror of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her celebrity boyfriend. Back to Beyonce, she fabulously is doing her thing.

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