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Gary on the cover WTF Moments | Gary Coleman Dead Image on GlobePlease note I am just a messenger with a voice.: This shit right here brings me to tears for real….this shit just ain’t right….this trick ain’t up to no damn good. I said it…..damn her…dude had no one in his corner but her at the time. Damn this bitch to hell for doing this to her allege beloved husband..this is not what you would expect from a grieving wife…now the police need to ramp up investigations ASAP!  That’s all I am going to say about that….Hollywood left him a long time ago…child stars get the end of the stick after folks made their bank! I know when I am snapping pictures at my own family funerals….my family is thinking “Dee” done lost her damn mind…..Not really my peeps..those pictures will never show up in cyberspace. I believe as a photographer that we have a beginning and an end to our lives to be capture for the family album but not for media exposure. Back in the dark ages folks took pictures of people when they are born and when they died…somehow that fact got lost in the textbooks. I guess it was too morbid for folks to stomach….something else is going on here with this trick that investigations and folks have yet to decipher…  Most folks today don’t expect to see digital images of their beloved family members on a magazine tabloid cover shortly after the person’s death….it doesn’t matter how famous you are either. Shannon obviously had something to gain by putting our beloved Gary aka Willis on the cover of a tabloid magazine. According to the internet street reporting it was for money but expect to see her soon on “SNAP” or ” I almost got away with it” if Gary Coleman’s family have anything to do with it…folks get a little deep when a love one regardless of being on speaking terms…..let the man rest in peace. Dang!

Right after Gary Coleman passed away:

Pop Eater is reporting that someone sold the last pictures of Gary Coleman on his death bed for $10,000.

The Globe Magazine should be ashamed of itself! Everyone should boycott that issue.

“They are going to sell a crazy amount of magazines,” a source that has seen the images tells me. “Yes it’s an ugly decision to run pictures of a man in his hospital bed minutes before he died, but dead celebrities sell.”

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