WTF Moment | Seeking Craiglist Local Photographers

NO TFCD WTF Moment | Seeking Craiglist Local Photographers

I was having a conversation with one of my facebook peeps about the ongoing Craigslists ads seeking photographers in our local area this evening. I thought about the many Craigslist ads that are clogging the online free online portal. I thought about it for a minute and thought perhaps I will lend a voice and blast out some of the Craigslist ads that borderline on ridicule and insult. What prompt me to ponder on the discussion was this Craigslist ad.: Freelance Photographer for 2 projects What would compel anyone to ask anyone to lend their services for free? As a blogger..I believe we have a responsibility to lend our voices to issues that need to be address despite who wants to listen…if you don’t want to be my friend on Twitter or Facebook. Just know that I appreciated your readership-ship while it lasted. There may be a few naysayers and haters in the bunch who may say this or that or the other. Well, hell if I am providing free services to anyone all I will be known as is the “Free Photographer” in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia area just like you will be the free model ready to jump in front of any man with a pair of lens. Unless you have something to bring to the table like a WOW factor, real exposure and you know it….dont call me asking for TFCD! Don’t send me any emails nor text! If I want exposure I will get naked, take a picture and post it in cyberspace with a camera in front of my vajajay. I just as well take pictures of my animals, family, objects and backyard for exposure…and you can take pictures with your cellphone or solicit your best friend!

My conversation posted on Facebook that may rub some folks the wrong way but need to be said by someone. I stand against TFCD unless of course I solicit you or you come correct when soliciting my photography services. I totally get that most working class folks work within a budget and folks who provide a service at their discretion can negotiate to fit that budget. There are some folks who are taking the free photography to another level that needs to be address by someone…why not speak on it or not. If your face is twisted- so is mine!

I hate those Craigslist ads and the folks who post them are ridiculous.I can’t believe folks think photographers should want to give away their services for free? I just as well sit and stare at a wall. Models like Naomi Campbell have charit…y events but she sells her shirts for $200 a pop. Noting that nothing in life is free-not even teeshirts. Photographers who perform TFCD use their own gas, post processing and misc expense that folks that are seeking a free photographer does not discuss nor care to. I wish that professional photographer would protest these ads. You have folks that are seeking the services of the photographer, MUA, videographer, graphic artist and editors without so much as an offer of pay. What a freaking insult! Offer of exposure is lame…Thanks for sharing….every-time I see Craigslist ads like this I will stand against it! I detest professional folks who constantly want to abuse the industry with their bullshit….

Plus they creep me out…I am thinking the ads are a setup!

Of course we are…..if your a creative individual in business. That is your bread and butter. I can’t buy anything at the store with a TFCD credit, nor can we pay our rent/mortgage note with exposure…after a while the line about exposure… gets old. I beginning to think I need to accept folks business from out of town to survive in this industry. You have women/men that claim that they want to build a portfolio but not pay for the services provided by the photographer? Who lied to these people? At first it may seem like fun but than all your considered is a free photographer, free model, free MUA, free designer and free creative arts individual willing to give away one services for the fun of it. There may be a lot of folks who may not like my tone but about now I don’t give a rats behind. I don’t like the ideal of anyone contacting me asking for free photography services without soo much as a gas card attached to the offer. Jeez….I guess they think our cars run off of sunflower oil. Now if I choose to shoot you for “FREE,” that was my choice.

When I was a representative hawking products for tech companies we gave away NFR’s but after a while that dried up….same policy must apply to giving away TFCD, MUA and creative services. #Justsaying the #Photography industry is already taking a big hit with the recession causing a lot of folks to rethink their business strategy, prices and how they advertise to their clients. Gone are the days when folks got the entire package for mere pennies…digital imagery changed the game but that does not mean folks need to dumb down and assume the provider of photography services are free. I wish I can call up a housekeeper, chef, laundress, grocery store and my bank to ask for a TFCD. Tell the providers of the products and services that I will give them exposure for allowing me to use their products and services. What do you think would happen? Can I get an iPad to try out and brag about  it on my blog for the hell of it? Can I go to the MAC store and pick out all of the makeup that meets my fancy? Can I go to the grocery store and shop without paying? Will Canon send me the next release to TFCD to shoot these folks that want a free photoshoot? Some folks have no respect for the craft nor themselves. Perhaps they should rethink their strategy like I am….NO TFCD!

Nah…man you’re not the only photog out there that feels the way I do. Sometimes you have to be a lone ranger on issues and panting out of breath until folks start paying attention. Or it hits their doorsteps. I can only imagine how our President of the United States feel about now as he tries to change what was a very broken system going into the White House..#JUSTSAYING a lot of folks will hate what you stand for if your not a part of what they stand for…NO MORE TFCD!

Craigslist ads solicitation free photographers, mua, designers, and students that need to be put on blast…local ads from the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virgina region. You have folks that post ads asking the type of equipment you own, asking you to work for no pay or commission spewing page views and ranking from their websites, volunteer, professional models to lend their bodies to build their portfolios, models asking photographers to take their pictures to build their portfolios, exposure for your portfolio and I will promise more work if you shoot this gig type of ish….basically a cesspool of bullshit. Unless folks are showing you some legal business paperwork, giving you college credit, paying for your photography services and whatever else you desire in a contract. Tell them to step and don’t entertain that nonsense..without the creative folks capturing and creating some of these folks would look like who done it and did not know how on the screen, picture and movie. A bunch of horse manure wrap up in words is what is being feed to a lot of creative folks. Enough already…I say!  These are some of the Craigslist ads seeking free photography services in my local area that deserve an honorable mention this week from the front page when you click on creative and events.:


Designer/Stylist needed for photoshoot!

Local Designer Wanted!!! (Washington, DC)

All Female Marketing Team (Washington, D.C.)

TFCD / TFP Female Model Wanted – Nudity (Northern VA)

Model Call FOR EVERYTHING (1208 U street Induji) img

Video Location Needed – (NOVA / DC)

Looking for second shooter for 10/9 wedding (Alexandria+Falls Church)

Need Photographer this Saturday!!! (Washington DC)

Photographer Needed For Live Rock Show – 5PM to 11PM – 9/18/10 (Lorton, Virginia)

Need a press release (DC Area)

Freelance Photographer for 2 projects -

Female Model Needed for Class (NW Washington, DC)

Need Makeup Artist for TF Shoot (DMV)

Fashion Design Instructor Wanted (Bethesda)

Video Guy or Gal Needed (Suitland, MD)

Models Wanted for Artistic Shoot (DC)

Photographer, Videographer, or Film Director? -

Fashion Show in Need of Photographers, Lighting, Make-Up/Hair Stylist (Maryland)

Photographer looking for a pool, sauna,rooftop….. (dc/md/va)

Looking for photographers for tomorrow fashion shoot (Takoma Park) img

Photographer needed (Fairfax)


OPEN MODEL CALL! (Greenbelt, MD)


Need College Students (GW and GeorgeTown) img


Non-profit Organization Seeking Volunteers (DC/MD/VA)

P.R. & photograhers (Metropolitan Area)

Seeking an experienced event photographer (DC, MD or VA)

Shoot & Print Photog Wanted! (Maryland)


The list goes on and on….I don’t remember Craiglist being the portal for free photography nor do they moniter their listings. What has happen is a lot of folks are taking and twisting free services from folks to another level. Don’t like what I am saying….I don’t give a damn because I don’t like the fact that folks are placing or calling me for free photography services.

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