Why You Want To Buy A Canon EOS 1D Mark IV

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According to what I am assuming is a major Canon representative marketing Canon’s gear to the masses.  Vincent Lacoste states anyone who is into making movies and want high end video quality to spend those pennies you have been saving in a jar on the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV to get it done. At that price point and getting over the sticker shock you  may want to just consider the Canon EOS  Mark II 5d or Canon EOS 7D 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera. No Canon did not send me a camera nor did they pay me to say that!

Needless to say before I suggest anyone to go out and buy a camera that cost as much as a used car…..Canon would have to send me one to test drive and convince me why I should push the costly gear to the masses. I believe that is what they did for Vincent Lacoste and most of the high profile photography bloggers and geeks on the Internet. I must admit though….I am impressed with dudes video capabilities with the Canon digital cameras.

Just a random thought! Sort of makes me think of all of the young celebrities parading around on blogs post and in high fashion magazine spreads with the most expensive handbags and shoes luring young minds to sell their soul to obtain the material items. ROI  + ? = Return on Investment must equal something at the end of the purchase. In most cases the answer is $0.00 most items depreciate after the purchase and there is not a return on the material investment. However, I am still drooling over the high tech camera but not to the point I want to drop $6 and nickel and dime myself to buy the attachments for the body, run out to the store and purchase it!

The iPad craze and marketing Internet buzz comes to mind as well…..waiting in long retail lines for the latest Apple gear….yeah OK, get a grip!

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