Why You Should Buy HP v. Apple Products

 Why You Should Buy HP v. Apple Products

This ad right here is only the ice of the iceberg….it is really about to go down in the HP house. The brand is not going to let Apple get off that easily. Now you didn’t think they were going to remain quiet did you?

You won’t find 50% sales in the Apple store anytime soon. Already there are complaints about the Apple iPad not working. Issues out the gate and folks spent their hard earn money for the geeky technology. HP has a new Slate device hitting the market soon!  The unit has a built-in video camera, USB ports; did you know with the iPad, you’ll need to buy a separate connector for their USB port, support for SD cards, music player software, and direct integration with social media and file-sharing sites like Facebook and Flickr. Unlike the iPad, HP’s yet-to-be-named tablet PC will also support AIR and Adobe’s Flash multimedia format.

Word on the Internet street is that it will have full iTunes support. Oh snap was that a stab toward Apple? It may not have all of the available applications that are currently feature for iTouch, iPad and iPhone but who cares when a majority of the world is operating on a windows platform PC.

You have folks with $500 to waste blending it and a kid smashing it with a baseball bat on Youtube? Oh really….it that suppose to prove something to the Apple consumers who stand in long lines at their local retailers waiting in anticipation to get their hand on the heavily marketed and hyped Apple iPad that don’t print, use flash and basically has limited WI-FI access? Of course there are those folks that taunt those who don’t have the spare dollars except you have more money than they do to waste on useless technology mentality when doing such foolish behavior? Is there another message I am missing here with this type of behavior? Is this suppose to make you an Youtube star? Come better than that especially in this horrible economy when folks are unemployed and wished they had $5oo to buy groceries or pay an utility bill.

Please note Apple geeks…PC users really don’t get caught up in that fanfare and hype unless they are getting a bang for the buck. We could give a damn! Don’t get it twisted I love my iPhone for now until the next gadget comes along to get my brain challenged….Bulackberry had too many issues with the battery port breaking. I had to divorce the Blackberry brand….loved the phone and it served its purpose.  I went through two Black 8820 Blackberry units in less than a year and a half apart. Yup I expect my gear to last until I make the call to go shopping for an replacement. The iPhone is sleek, has tons of applications, was fashionably the “It” phone, girly cute and plus AT&T had a fabulous sale that I could not resist….Originally the iPhone was price at $599.m I purchased it for $199 by renewing my two year cellphone contract. The Blackberry was purchased on Amazon for $99. I couldn’t find the Apple iPhone on Amazon at the time I needed a phone….go figure!

0 Why You Should Buy HP v. Apple Products

In my humble opinion, I say stick with HP products that get the job done and allow you to view content using flash, print and usually represent a geeky diverse group of people.

I say this because my experience with Hewlett Packard was an wonderful Corporation to represent and the products were user friendly for end users and businesses.

Remember those free HP commercials giveaways? You ever see Apple give away any of their technical gear?

Disclaimer: I was not paid by HP to say that….nor have they given me any brand new new products in over 10+ years to market to the masses.

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