Why Adobe Creative Suite CS5 Is Amazing For Graphic Design Applications

cs5 275x200 Why Adobe Creative Suite CS5 Is Amazing For Graphic Design ApplicationsAt first when the announcement for the new release of CS5 hit cyberspace and my email inbox. My first thought was why would I want to purchase CS5? I have not entirely learned all of the functions in my Adobe Creative Master Collection CS3. I get the whole thing about Adobe being twenty years old and it is the 12th version…..yeah, yeah, yeah…OK! But did that mean I wanted to jump on the I have to have CS5 bandwagon with most of the creative individuals on this planet who will be tasting the amazing CS5 upon its release? Absolutely!

This weekend once I realize I was not going to do any gardening in 90 degree weather. I sat down and started reading. I decided to educate myself about CS5. I learned the master collection has listed 14 updated applications not including the Adobe Bridge CS5, Adobe Device CS5, and Acrobat 9 Pro: Photoshop and Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash Catalyst, Flash Professional, Flash Builder, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Contribute, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Soundbooth, OnLocation, and Encore. Each application has received an update. You might be thinking how do you know geekgirl? I downloaded a trial copy from the Adobe website to test drive the most amazing graphic application for creative individuals like myself. Well, I am still working on that creative part but according to Adobe if you own a copy of CS5 you will be a force to be reckon with graphic skills.

While downloading a trial version of Adobe’s Creative Suite CS5 early yesterday morning. I sat at my desk looking at the laptop screen for about one hour while sipping on my java, popping vitamins and consuming a bagel. I was able to chat with my husband, pet the animals, and surf facebook all at the same time…..yeah, it takes that long to download the amazing beast of graphic design applications and big daddy of graphics. I was looking forward to satisfy my curiosity about CS5. You ever heard curiosity killed the cat satisfaction bought him back! Yup! That was me….once and for all I was willing to dive into the CS5 craze that is taking place across the world about the new graphic design applications release. Needless to say I didn’t feel anything while downloading the application except the thought about……OMGee, I have to learn a new program and yadayadayada!

When CS4 hit the streets, the only WOW factor I derived from it was the new feature in Dreamweaver and that was because of the demos splashed on most websites. I was still learning to master CS3. My interest for CS5 started twitching when I got that “Amazing” email from Adobe. This weekend I dug a little deeper and learned that CS5 is shipping today and will continue to be the HGIC – Head Graphic In Charge. No one will be taking that crown anytime soon!

Here is the CS5 skinny on why you might just have a change of heart to retire a previous release of your Creative Master Collection:

Edge Detection selection of complex edges. The Edge Detection setting is now part of the Refine Edge and Refine Mask dialogs. To make a selection, choose Select>Refine Edge, and use Refine Radius tool (E) to brush over desired area. (If you don’t like it, press Shift E to activate the Erase Refinement tool, brush the area, and try again). There is a Smart Radius checkbox with a Radius adjustment slider to make selections even easier.

Content Aware Refill Instead of using the Clone Stamp tool to remove an object, you can use Content Aware Fill to delete the object and fill the missing pixels. Depending on the background, the results can be amazing. Content Aware Fill is available two ways: Edit>Fill Command, and with the Spot Healing Brushing when Content Aware is active in Options Bar.

Puppet Warp Tool Edit>Puppet Warp is similar to the Puppet tool in Adobe After Effects. The function creates a triangular grid over the selection of layer and then you click to place pivot points on the grid. From there>click and drag to move the image around.

Enhanced 3D new features include Repousse, which extrudes flat selections into 3D objects, similar to the 3D extrude in Adobe Illustrator but more complex. May be time to pump up and replace that video card for optimum performance.

Painting and Brush Enhancements the new mixer brush allows you to blend colors. The Options Bar has many settings: The ability to control how Wet the brush is; the Load (how much paint is on the brush); and the Mix (the amount of paint picked up from the canvas and mixed into the brush). The new Bristle Tip brushes give you more ability to create natural media paint effects. The Brush panel includes a new section for creating custom Bristle Brush presets.

Enhanced HDR The new HDR Pro feature is in Photoshop and has a Remove Ghosts setting that removes part of the image that moved slightly when capturing the multiple exposures required to create a high dynamic range (HDR) image. Another feature is the HDR Toning option under the Image>Adjustments menu. This setting does not require multiple exposures as true HDR does but it does mimic the HDR results. Can I get an AMEN for that update. Creating an HDR is a tedious and time consuming job….kudos Adobe developers!

Auto Lens Correction filter can fix typical lens errors, barrel and pincushion distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberration. The Auto Correction can do most of the work for you. Custom lens settings can be saved with free downloadable Adobe Lens Profile Creator from Adobe Labs.

Bridge and Mini Bridge has its own new enhancement, but Photoshop users will have a mini Adobe Bridge, which is a panel version of Bridge running directly in Photoshop.

Flash Professional CS5, designers and developers can create, test and deliver Web content across a wide range of mobile platforms and devices such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks and other consumer electronics. Users can look forward to deploying content in the browser with Flash Player 10.1 and as a standalone application with AIR 2.

Mac get 64-Bits Window users had the benefit of 64-bit version of Photoshop in the last version, but Photoshop CS5 is now available in 64-bit on both platforms……can you hear me yelling RAM!

Word on the Internet street from onOne about their Photoshop plugins; are not ready to work with CS5 and how it will impact the plug-ins here at onOne Software. In fact, they have issued a press release.. This may be the case with most plugins although it has been really quiet. I don’t recommend deleting your CS3 or CS4 version just yet until your absolutely certain your plugins work with CS5 and you have mastered the graphic design applications.

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