What’s New in Lightroom 4 (Public Beta)?

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Lightroom 4 Beta

By now Photographers and creatives are aware of the new release Adobe Lightroom 4 as a free public beta. Photographers can download a full version of the software to test and give feedback to Adobe before the final paid-for version of the software launches later in the year. The newest version of Lightroom 4 will require Windows Vista (SP2)/OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or newer, 2GB of RAM, and 1GB of storage space. You can get the Lightroom 4 beta from Adobe.

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Terry White does a complete walkthrough of the new features of Lightroom 4 Public Beta.

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The major new features include:

  • Geotagging support – LR4 will tie into Google Maps, work with all Google Map controls and map styles, autotag images that have geo metadata, support .gpx tracklogs, and be able to tie images to tracklogs.
  • Geo-specific privacy – A private zones can be set (say, around your home or office) where geo data will not be published if those photos are made public.
  • Improved video support – There will be better video playback and processing. The LR team worked with Premier team on this. Trim controls were added to LR4 as were video adjustments (white balance, contrast, etc.), but not full video editing tools. Video editing is non-destructive, just like all Lightroom editing.
  • Improved sharing – LR4 adds drag-and-drop video sharing with Facebook and Flickr. It can export to disk with more options then before and now there are simplified settings so users can avoid dealing with technical aspects like codecs and frame rates.
  • Better email support – LR4 makes it super easy to email images. It can automatically work though work through Aol, Gmail, Hahoo, and custom email setups.
  • Book module – This is a big set of features, but basically Lightoom now has support for photo book printing. It’s not InDesign, but there are a lot of customizations and it makes it easy to export your photo book to a printable format, or even straight to a printer.
  • Over 350 lens profiles – All the big names in glass have automatic lens-based correction. LR now fixes CA on per image basis, not based on a larger ruleset that is based on camera hardware.
  • Improved soft proofing – Points out areas of images that are out of the profile of the display or printer. You can nudges hues so you can fix them, not the software’s compromise based on your printer.
  • Updated for DNG 1.4 specification – DNGs will be able to load faster, also can do lossy compression on DNG (this is great for time lapses) Basically you can get compressed RAW data but also less file size.
  • Controls are simpler but more powerful – Example: shadow and highlight tools are smarter and they play well together so you can get full advantage of your camera’s dynamic range.
  • Local noise reduction – You an apply it just to parts of the image (like the shadows). Same with local WB and highlights.

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