What EXIF Photograph Data Reveals About You

 What EXIF Photograph Data Reveals About You

According to CNN who explore the topic about EXIF.  This data, called Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF), is a key tool for many photography professionals. It can detail whether the photographer used a flash, which digital effects were applied to a picture and when the photo was taken. geotag information has cause for privacy and have up to no good stranger folks  knocking down your door when you’re not home or home.

What is EXIF – details about the camera model itself, the lens that was used, shutter speed, aperture, focal length, etc.  Advanced feature modern digital cameras and camera phones are GPS enabled and they can save the location co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) with the photographs. With an Exif editor, you can also geo-tag your photographs manually if your camera doesn’t have GPS. Windows Explorer has a EXIF editor capabilities. Just right click any image file > choose Properties > click the Details tab. You can now edit a wide range of metadata associated with that image from the camera model to the shooting date to copyright information and more. Windows Explorer won’t let you edit GPS related information of photographs.

The metadata is embedded into photographs using the standard EXIF format that can easily be read by most image editing programs as well as online photo sharing websites like Flickr, Zoomr and Picasa Web Albums.

EXIF data tons of photographs, you can edit them all in one go using a dedicated EXIF editors like Geosetter.  Geosetter can pull EXIF tags from one photograph and apply them to all your other photographs.

Firefox has an EXIF viewer to download into Mozilla Firefox

EXIF data on a photograph:

  • Time and date picture was taken
  • Camera make and model
  • Integral low-res Exif thumbnail
  • Shutter speed
  • Camera F-stop number
  • Flash used (yes/no)
  • Distance camera was focused at
  • Focal length and calculate 35 mm equivalent focal length
  • Image resolution
  • GPS info, if stored in image
  • IPTC header
  • XMP data

To remove all of the metadate from your photograph:

Right-click the files inside Windows Explorer > choose Properties >  click the Details tab > select the option that says “Remove Properties and Personal Information.” > Choose “Remove the follow properties from this file” followed > “Select All” > click OK. All the private metadata tags are now erased from the photograph. Done!

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