What Does Your Facebook Wall Page Say About You?

me What Does Your Facebook Wall Page Say About You?Nowadays folks have jump on the social media bandwagon with the mindset I must be connected in cyberspace to appear cool! A lot of folks have Facebook pages profiles they don’t know about hidden deep within the Facebook platform. You would be pleasantly surprise who is peering and gawking on your cyberstreet. #JUSTSAYING some of the profiles would confuse anyone clicking on their profile. Gag me with a large silver spoon at the folks who don’t understand that Facebook is not a portal for the buffoonery, nude spreads, photos that make you screech OMGeeee….I did not know they like metal, Adobe, photography, she is a Freelance Photographer at thephotographer4you, a blogger, I did not know he was an all out racist, she hate’s the president of the United States of America, that person is seeking employment and on the downlow he/she loves the words in the Bible. When was the last time you check your own ish at the Facebook back door? Two days ago I realized that it was time to update my Facebook profile pages that reflect a true picture of my personas. I for one would be the first to tell you I created my Facebook profile when it first came on the scene…you know that I have to be on the social media bandwagon ride. Facebook is awesome but when you have a few moments on your hand, do some Facebook dashboard housekeeping…you might want to check how the world is viewing your personas through social media. Click the correct links that reflect who you are as an individual and reflect your true personas. I was surprise to learn that I was not saying anything about my interest, activities, books, and television on Facebook. Of course I click the first link on Facebook that appease to me but when I dived a deeper into the social media platform…BLANK STARE! When I clicked on some of my Facebook peeps….SURPRISED at what I learned. Especially the folks that spew hatred, cheating, holier than thou behaviour but OH WELL! I guess we learning a little something something about one another…I am now thinking we are cyberneighbors with the mindset…to agree to disagree? I suppose my cyberneighbors are doing them in cyberspace? Otherwise my cyberstreet would be boring…I need the cybernoise. Let get the cyber bantering start Facebook peeps. Two days ago I clicked on one of the links in my INFO box and discovered post from the thephotographer4yoou blog was being posted on the social media community pages…..SHOCKED!

Click on the Info wall.

facebook wall What Does Your Facebook Wall Page Say About You?

You will see a wall like this one but different information that reflects your personas? If it is blank…oh well that just means you are not saying much or have not figure out all this social media stuff!

facebook 568x530 What Does Your Facebook Wall Page Say About You?

thephotographer4you personas on Facebook. Go to your profile and click on one of your saved links. Who are you on Facebook? What does your wall say about you? Is this good or bad? I don’t know the answer to that question…I suppose it depends on who is checking you out and think that by reading a few labels they have you figured out. #JUSTSAYING

facebook pages 469x530 What Does Your Facebook Wall Page Say About You?

Your information may be posting to an community page for the world to view. Gulp! YUP my sentiments exactly…if you have a blog url, type it the box that appears on the screen.

facebook community page What Does Your Facebook Wall Page Say About You?

Are you connected on cyberspace….feel free to friend me on your cyberstreet. Join my fan page and Facebook page. For grown #folks only!

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