What Brides Should Consider Before Spending That Downpayment On A Wedding

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By now every tabloid is gossiping about including Khloe Kardashion about her upcoming nuptials to Lamar Odom, L.A. Lakers this Sunday. They have been only dating for one month…..not sure what to make of them getting hitched in a hurry on both their parts but I am sure we will find out soon enough. It makes for great entertainment though and at least she won’t be broke like half of us working class brides! I know money will not buy happiness but it will buy a lot of makeup and plastic surgery. That’s all fabulous and great in celebrity land but for regular women lets keep it simple and keep it moving to real issues that should be on your bride to do list. Instead of just shopping for a wedding gown, picking out flowers and a diamond ring that will lose it luster as soon as the first moment of reality sets in that your actually in a monogamous relationship and the shit is for real.

In the real world of working class brides: Remember a couple of years ago when folks were on that I’m rich bitch syndrome when the housing market was booming. Homeowners were taking out second mortgages to buy all kinds of material items and probably paying for weddings too! The best tip that any bride can receive nowadays while were in a recession is to go to the courthouse and get married. It will cost you between $35 – $60.00 to get married in Maryland. Bring cash or credit cards. The charge varies from county to county. You still can invite people and wear the infamous wedding gown and he can wear his tuxedo if it is about the gear. You can hire a down to earth freelance photographer like me to come and shoot the special day for a reasonable fee and your special memories are preserved forever. Of course there are still brides with a fairytale wedding in mind who would not fathom the thought of walking into a courthouse to exchange vows.

The budget conscious bride is going to watch what she spends on her big day and she may want to consider using that money as a down payment on a house especially before the tax credit expires on December 1, 2009. First-time home buyers may be able to take advantage of a tax credit for homes purchased in 2008 or 2009.

After the honeymoon is over and the bill has been paid, now what are you lovebirds going to talk about beside money?  The most important topic you can start with is life insurance and changing the name on current policies or not. This should have came up before or at least during the honeymoon. Shit happens….surf the web and you’ll find some very sad stories about individuals who lose their love one during or after the vows exchanged.

Keeping or changing your name on all of your identification ladies is really a serious matter to consider especially if your established with your maiden name.

A will and a living will because it can get real ugly if your paperwork is not in order and your spouse/partner needs medical attention and is incapable of making decisions.

Prenuptial agreement or post nuptial agreement….most working class folks don’t have enough assets to bring this subject up but it is worth addressing. Kudos to the dolls who manage to marry someone without one and than you find yourselves in divorce court with high priced attorneys fighting over all of the material things you both accumulated.

Credit card consolidation is not something I recommend but what the hell do I know….personally I think you should both have your own individual credit cards in your own names. Unless of course you both marry young, your both at the starting line and the only place to grow is up from that place of zero credit cards.

Children right away or should you wait if there are already children in the picture. Be realistic about this decision because that is a 25 year commitment regardless if your marriage works out between you lovebirds. I say wait and see how things go for about three-five years. Nowadays people don’t stay married longer than 5 years, you don’t want to get stuck raising a kid alone if your heart was set on a two parent household and lord knows who wants to stay with someone because of the kids. If there are children, well there you go….your already made family already started as soon as you get off the plane from your honeymoon. You have several options for children that the two of you must be on board about: you can always adopt, foster or borrow a child. The rules still apply as if you conceived them yourselves though….just my opinion.

No fighting because if the neighbors call the cops one of you are going to get locked up and your spouse/partner will have to pick you up. Believe me that will make you consider divorce faster than your flowers died and the frosting melted on the cake at the wedding. If I had to do it over I would do it the same way as the first time….go to the courthouse and get married, buy a house and furnish it with that money that wasn’t spend on a expensive wedding and than argue with my spouse about your not making enough money for more kids. Besides we already have two to take care of and they will bring in grandchildren soon enough.

Preston Bailey gives you a few tips in this 2007 Youtube video and if you have disposable income to spare I am sure Mr. Bailey will help you plan a beautiful and lavish fairytale wedding. Personally I went the house and the destination wedding route…..planning a wedding became stressful after I started hearing quotes of $25K or more just for the reception and that did not include the cake. I couldn’t imagine having a wedding that did not emulate what I saw on television and especially on a working girl salary. Congrats to Khloe Kardashion and Lamar Odom.  I wonder which one is picking up the tab for the wedding?

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Preston Bailey advises brides to do their homework and know what they want when it comes to planning their wedding. Preston is an internationally celebrated event designer and wedding planner with clients that include Donald Trump, Middle East Royalty and Oprah Winfrey.


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