WATCH | Reality star Tila Tequilla Attacked

hqdefault WATCH | Reality star Tila Tequilla Attacked

Tila was attacked and of course there will be a lawsuit to follow. According to the reality star the crowd tried to kill her at outdoor music festival in rural Hardin County, IL. located northwest of St. Louis. The ‘Gathering of the Juggalos’ festival included acts from well known bands like the Insane Clown Posse. As she took off her top to bare her breast the crowd pelted her with feces, bottles, and firecrackers.

Dicks were actually thrown at Tila Tequila, but none belonged to Shaggy. There were several rubber dildos hurled at her—pretty sure the sex toys missed her, but it was hard to keep track at the time— along with beer cans, Faygo containers, Stryofoam cups, liquor bottles, cigarettes, mustard, half a lemon, a pizza slice, a pearl bracelet, a pudding cup, an unopened can of ICP’s self-branded energy drink Spazmatic, part of a watermelon allegedly soaked in feces and urine, a clothed baby doll, a mini Mag Lite, a bag of chicken tenderloin. When Tequila first came out, shooting Silly String at the angry mob, a sign reading CUNT was there to greet her. My photographer, who was shooting at the front of the stage, saw an egg hit her in the face. At one point, a Juggalo with a kerchief over his face climbed up and lunged at her; he was stopped. Then suddenly, Tila Tequila was topless, bleeding, and holding a cloth to her head. Security pulled her offstage and hustled her to a nearby trailer, where she says windows got smashed. I was standing there and I can admit that the scene had gotten pretty ugly.

The Village Voice‘s Camille Dodero was onstage when the Tila was attacked.

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