WATCH | Perez Hilton Vajayjay Shots of Miley Cyrus Controversy

Word on the cyberstreet is the most hated celebrity Perez Hilton Photoshopped the infamous no wearing underwear shots of underage Miley Cyrus. The young starlet was climbing out of a car in a dress and wearing no underwear, to his Twitter on Monday with the warning: “If you are easily offended, do NOT click here … Oh, Miley! Warning: truly not for the easily offended!” That is when shit went left for the blogger and the cybernoise was loud and angry….

This is interesting commentary because celebrities under the age of 17 years old are off limits to nude shots posted on blogs. I wonder who was the photographer that took the picture peeking under her dress in the first place and than posted the digital images on the Internet? Now the legal questioned of the day? Will Perez Hilton be found responsible for posting an underage child vajay on the Internet? The million dollar question? Is Perez Hilton blogging career over or did it just go up another level? If the haters have anything to do with it….the chatty noise on the cyberstreet can be heard across Internet? Time will only tell what happens as the media chimes in about the Perez Hilton controversy and blogging career.

Hilton issued a semi-apology, which really blamed the media for making an issue out of nothing. But still, the controversy backlash has begun with the sponsors taking action against the blogger. Meanwhile, ABC has pulled ads from Hilton’s website. Karma is a bitch…..’s Tracy Clark-Flory quickly investigated the legal consequences, and the experts Salon spoke with say Hilton could be facing some massive legal woes.

[Editor's Note: You will not find the Miley Cyrus naked underage digital photo on thephotographer4you] Dancing is one thing but Miley Cyrus is an underage child.

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