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27 year old photographer, CJ Clark won Canon EOS 1D Mark IV for his documentary Mother and Daughter. The Open Shutter awards, organized by the British Journal of Photography (BJP), is billed as the first competition dedicated to HD DSLR videos. Clarke shot the movie using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and produced it for the charity School Home Support.


Part of the online documentary 360 panorama project about the charity School-Home Support designed by Global Stories.

Director: CJ Clarke
Producer: Fung Wah Man at Global Stories.
Editor: Jonnie Kinder / Simon Ruben
Screenplay: CJ Clarke, Rachel Jasper, JM Clarke.
Art Director: Belle Mundi
Production Assistant: Anabela Farruggia
Cinematographer: Brian Fawcett / Vanessa Whyte
Additional Cinematography: Thomas Mills / Fung Wah Man
Graphics: Dean Warner
Lighting Assistant: Matt King
Costume: Sallyann Short
Make-up: Yo-Yo Tayler
Music: DJ Trax

Mother: Chloe Lewis
Daughter: Erin Galvin

The British Journal of Photography Open Shutter Award Winner 2010 sponsored by Canon.

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