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The Dignity photography auction benefiting Acumen Fund.This is the fifth in a series of eight Dignity events around the world that have raised $60,000 for Acumen Fund to date. Nuru Project leverages photography as an agent for social change in the developing world, raising charitable funds and public awareness by auctioning donated photographs at gallery exhibitions.

Acumen Fund invests in businesses that are changing the way the world tackles poverty. On November 24th 2010, DIGNITY IN FOCUS, a photography auction and exhibition benefiting the Acumen Fund was held at IX Gallery in Toronto. The exhibition, with work by photographers including Ami Vitale, Palani Mohan and Per-Anders, brings Acumen Fund’s message to life: poor people seek dignity, not dependence. Each photograph was taken in a location where the Fund invests, and each conveys the essence of the Acumen Fund’s work and the people its investments reach. The photographs focus on the resilience, dignity, and humanity of people against the backdrop of their cultures, communities, and daily lives. Noluyanda Mqutwana, one of the 200 underpriviledged children in Cape Town, dances ballet outside her small home; a mother and child walk outside Kibera, the largest slum in Africa located on the outskirts of Nairobi; and the internally displaced girl in the Swat Valley laughs as her pot is filled with water.

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