WATCH | 102 Year Old Lens on a Canon 5D

I had a request for a photography gig that needed a vintage/pinhole/slightly damaged look. It was a portrait series for a popular subculture magazine. I was inspired by Sally mann’s large format photography, and the associated aesthetic of the large format camera as a starting point. I was not necessarily trying to copy the look, of sally mann, or even that of large format, i simply wanted something that looked different. I have seen alot of digitally manipulated photos that have a “look” applied to it. Sometimes its done to great effect…. but for the most part it is often too heavy handed and looks fake. I wanted to shoot on 4X5 for a couple of reasons. You can do interesting selective focus with the bellows, and you would have over a century of lenses to choose from, from newer optically clean lenses, to older not so clean lenses.

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