Was Kanye Really A Jackass?

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Kanye West was a jackass and it is clearly obvious that everyone in the industry knew this about the young man. However, it appears that with all of the attention this story has generated, now everyone wants to climb on the lets destroy Kanye bullshit train. Free publicity and face time on television. Let’s all punch the brother in the gut for being candid, outspoken, rude and simply being himself! This act he pulled during the VMA’s is not surprising to me, remember this is the same show that pulled that Eminem and Brunos asscheeks literally in his face stunt. At least this was a bit cleaner to the viewers watching during the show. What Kanye West and any celebrity for that matter should get from this is your ass is not golden and at the end of the day if you do something gully people will turn quickly on that ass and than your labeled a jackass! I get the feel sorry for Taylor Swift and he was wrong for jumping on the stage but what I don’t get is the racial ranting and hatred suddenly towards this talented singer. If anyone watched “The Wendy Williams” show last night I would agree with her, she doesn’t buy music and she said that “we the people put him there right were he is today!” If you have a problem with a celebrity don’t buy their music or support them. Period! I tell you one thing is certain everyone is talking about Taylor Swift, the VMA‘s and Kanye West, it only shows what is really important to people. It is a shame that celebrity shenanigans get more attention than health care reform, unemployment, bad economics times and social issues. I will be glad when this brews over…..I am bored already!

This Youtube video only lets me to see the president as a human being at the office chatting, shucking and jiving. Cut the president some slack….gotta love it when he really is telling it like it is….Yay was a jackass that night! The president should not have to apologized for being candid, human and keeping it real for the people. The person who leaked an obvious private moment should get the can….after a while shit gets old when you can let your hair down among your own peers and colleagues.

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