War Photographer, Joao Silver “I’m good, baby.”

Joao Silva War Photographer, Joao Silver “I’m good, baby.”

Photojournalist João Silva was wounded while on assignment in Afghanistan in October. A group of friends and colleagues have set up a site to help raise money for Silva’s recovery. The website features a number of his well known images and vintage work prints for sale. Donate to make a different….help a shutterbug who put his life on the line to capture the compelling images.

joao War Photographer, Joao Silver “I’m good, baby.”

João Silva, on location Photo: Halden Krog/AP Photo

Money is being raised through outright donations and the sale of prints by Mr. Silva. “We have little doubt he will continue photographing but he will certainly not be able to go to war zones,” the Marinoviches said. “We estimate he will not be able to work for about two years.” Mr. Silva is at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The New York Times has told the Pentagon that it will be responsible for his treatment and care, and is assisting his family in other ways. Should the fund collect more money than is needed, the Marinoviches said, what is left will be donated to a charity chosen by Mr. Silva.

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Mr. Silva was admitted Friday to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, said Ms. McNally, who was there to greet him. “He was awake and recognized me immediately and held my hand,” she said. “I asked him if he wanted to say anything to all, and he said: ‘Thanks for all your support. I will return the e-mails as soon as I can.’” Mr. Silva made a request of his own. “He said, ‘I want a beer’ — very, very clearly.”

“I’m good,” Joao Silva told Michele McNally in a trans-Atlantic phone call on Tuesday. “I’m good, baby.”

They were short words, but welcome. In Afghanistan on Saturday, a mine exploded directly beneath Mr. Silva, a contract photographer for The New York Times, resulting in severe injuries to both of his legs and other wounds. He was airlifted to a military hospital in Germany, from which he spoke with Ms. McNally, the director of photography at The Times, in New York.


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pin it button War Photographer, Joao Silver “I’m good, baby.”
pixel War Photographer, Joao Silver “I’m good, baby.”

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