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I am very touched by this year’s “MOTHER” because they are forced to practice endurance, strength and perseverance in the way women did back in the day. We are forced to smile, keep our heads up and reach deep down within ourselves. I can’t remember during a time that women such as today as I did when I was a child, when women had to put on a good face. Folks did not express their appreciation for women nor their mothers. I can proudly say that women were the backbone of the family when I was growing up as a child….they mend the fences, took care of the family on the front end and behind the scene, cook, cleaned, tilled the land, help the provider provide for the family and maintain a strong resolve despite “NOT“receiving a much needed “Thank You” from anyone, let alone their own family. Women with and without children were consider a mommy to someone, despite wanting the role…..if I had to be completely truthful about the role of a mother. It was not one I was seeking. Heck as quiet as it is kept….I needed them as much as they needed me. I thank my beautiful boys for allowing me to be their non-traditional mother, allowing me to grow and develop with them, holler, scream, yell when I needed to and be my boys. No one could ever take away the love they have shower upon…I thank my husband who is the head of our throne and for introducing these beautiful children to me and never giving up on LOVE! I am thankful to be a mother today….what about you?

It would be remiss of me to not especially be thankful for my foster mommy,  Bertha, you still my favorite girl! Better ask somebody! HUH! Who has an serious hand in my growth and development into womanhood. She may not feel that I love her right now but she is my favorite girl in the entire world…..its not personal MOM, your daughter has been on a serious sabbatical and I have some pre-menopausal issues, growing into my role as a wife and mother myself, and just stuff that I am sure you don’t want to read on my blog! I am fully aware of what going on with the family and I pray daily. I thank the good almighty for my biological mother, Geraldine known to some as Poo for birthing me….she left up out of here and went home in 1976. Lord knows I miss her through childhood eyes…she was the first woman I had ever adored until Bertha came in my life and answer her prayers from heaven. Both women deserves the accolades of being the best mothers that they could have to a daughter….ME! Thank goodness for them that I learn about love, struggle, endurance, perseverance, life, children, family, being a mother to yours and other folks kids; and unconditional love.

Photog: Delores Randall Georgetown University Graduation:

Psssst: Had it not been for my sisters: Angela, Lisa and Heather…I may have grown to despise becoming a damn mother. Those sistas kept it moving, kept it real, and handle their business. It took me a minute to say OK, I’ll get married with him w the kids but it better not be any nonsense, they are career oriented, educated, strong, and love being a mommy. Thanks dolls for doing you an being my sister. You are the girls I look up to and call for mommy help and I love that you were always patient enough to explain why I need to take a chill pill, hollered at me and kept it 100% when I was tripping, let me know who I married and why he was such a wonderful man despite the kids making me want to pack my suitcases and move to your house…Thanks dolls and know that I will always love you, if you have not heard from me. Remember you were my example to follow….now I have to get back to the college applications, my husband and kids! Chilling in Maryland on this chilly Mother’s Day outside, temp 66 degrees…dang I have to pull out a leather jacket to go to eat. Hmmmmmm! The jacuzzi just might be warmer today?

Note to Angie and Rob..GMan told me he saw you and the family yesterday at the track events. Please tell MOM she still is my favorite girl! A girl got issues and I am getting selfish as I develop into old age. Plus I am mad she is not driving, gotten tech savvy, self pity and anything else she preached to me growing up that I would expect her to display. The driving part I get, OK because a doll is damn near 80 years old and granny is damn near 100 but the rest….NO! I can’t take it! I love my dad but I can’t bear it to see him sick from diabetes….I prefer to remember him the way we were….I miss you guys but I never did good with sickness nor drama. Please understand there will never be anything personal that would ever stop me from loving my family. You my PEEPS!

TO my MOTHER: Your the reason why I am married and I always wanted to do it like you and DAD! You are my example to follow and no one can tell me otherwise….they better ask somebody! I know you are reading this blog….you told me that you were going to get onto a computer…where are you? Get with it already MOM…..SOCIAL MEDIA..Doll! You have lived too long on this earth, PREACHED about education and not keeping up with it all. I am shame of you and granny! You always said “I talk to much”! I am talking to you “MOM”! Your are the queen of my heart….food to my soul! YES, It is! LOL really loud in rural Maryland!

To my Sisters: Yeah your right Lisa….my tone is out there on to the left or right, depends on who I am talking to but I love the girl chat. Angie and Robert…our role models who made us pay attention, being mature, your one of a kind, best in your class and your a queen bee. Heather…you really taught me to respect motherhood and I am especially grateful you married my younger brother because he really needed you. Granny…your my favorite girl and your not a fish in the water. Dad is the first man that I know who never wanted anything from me…..he was a mommy when mommy was tired!

Mother Eleanor Randall: R.I.P. Doll. We will always miss you! When I first laid my eyes on her. She always reminded me of Lena Horne….my husband mother was a fabulous mother and one to be revered/ I miss you mom!

You all are doing your own thing, keeping it 100% in your abode and we wanted you know we will always:


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