Video: Keyshia Cole “Trust” feat Monica Official Music Video

Keisha Cole has a new cut out with her single featuring Monica. These two dolls can harp! In my humble opinion these two artist are underrated. It’s nice to hear these two dolls working out their lungs. Check it out….more like a making love ballad and getting your  groovee song. BY now everyone knows who Keisha Cole is after she expose her family out on television and  a whole slew of dirty laundry.

Keisha Speaks her mind with Sister2Sister magazine about her relatives getting their own reality show. Now dats whassup. Enough with the foolishness. At least we don’t see one of her mothers running around acting like a fool! That nonsense that her family she tried to help come up acting like they never been anywhere when the cameras are rolling get old quick. I can’t say I blame her for her business decision especially when tongues are wagging that they are your people out there acting ghetto.

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