Tupac Is Alive

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According to this picture there is a disputed claim that “Tupac” is alive and living in New Orleans. It has been 13 years since he took a few bullets that put his lights out. I am not sure what to believe based on this picture, it looks like it could be him but I can’t be sure unless there is a front view of Tupac and validation from his mother. The dude depicting Tupac in this picture does favor Tupac but I can’t agree that he is alive. Imagine for a moment that he was alive….. I wonder could he save hip hop? TMZ is the king of obtaining pictures of celebrities in awkward situations, it appears that they are at it again. There has always been reports of Tupac sightings and the singer being alive long after his body was put in the grave. Things that make you go hhhhmmmmm!

(Check out the photos over at TMZ )

 Tupac Is Alive
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