Tribute To Wayman Tisdale & Family

Channel 8 did an excellent job of coverage of Wayman Tisdale memorial services. This beautiful tribute showing him and his beloved family appearing strong throughout what could have bought most of us to our knees. I say that literally and with no pun intended….jeez, after reading his story, I would have been crushed and despondent. I remember growing up and hearing from my elders in our household. “God will not put anything on your shoulders you can not bear.” Lord knows I want to believe that statement when I am going through my own trying and testing moments in my own journey that we all call life. I will always remember Tisdale pillar of strength as he battled cancer and his music will be played in our home until we can’t play it anymore. His music touches my heart and soul… The brother will surely be missed. His music is an testament to how he lived and viewed the world. May he rest in peace and that his family continue to build the foundation that he dreamed of before leaving this earth. He lived a remarkable life.

Donate to the foundation to keep the dream alive and to help others in need of  prosthetic limbs

On Tisdale Website: In lieu of sending flowers, at the behest of the Wayman Tisdale family, please send donations & financial contributions to:

Wayman Tisdale Foundation

c/o Paul Samuels

Morgan Stanley

2200 S. Utica Place, Suite 500

Tulsa, OK 74114


Cards and letters can be sent to:
Regina K. Tisdale
c/o Friendship Church
1709 N. Madison Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74106

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