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Delores Randall the Owner of thephotographer4you® is a Pinhead

Delores Randall is officially an Pinhead. My heart literally swoons with shutterbug and blogger’s glee from the creation of Pinterest. I can feel the oozing of delight in my veins. Dang…why didn’t thephotographer4you® think of that? Pinterest…dude stole my ideal. I kid I kid…ole’ girl got to laugh and keep it fun But on the real. Pinterest is the doggone truth!

Back to the drawing board for the next best thing in cyberspace but in the mean time> I will waste my time sharing what brews in this salt and pepper head of mine. It doesn’t get any better than Pinterest…let the world see how you think, what your dreaming about, where you eat out through image sharing and make the world take notice that you’re a blogger blogging too!

What I love is folks get to review images from folks from a diverse background share their inner most thoughts through images. What you really like, think, inspire to become, dream, advocate, protest, what you read, taste, eat, politics, home and all that gibberish that makes folks stereotype and place you in a box nonsense through pins and boards. In your face Pinheads…..@drandall is a cool Pinhead middle age chick!

I have since updated the image pins and board snapshot that  you see above on Pinterest. This is an snapshot example of what is happening on Delores Randall Pinterest boards and why you should become an Pinhead too! I currently have 25 Boards · 346 Pins. Yeah, yeah, yeah and I know. I think I will need Pinterest rehab soon! I could not resist signing up for this social media platform. Yeah like I need another social media platform to manage? What I need is some coins and dollars to pay an Social Media or Communication Manager assistant to manage thephotographer4you® social media handles in cyberspace.

Need an invite? Leave me an comment on one of my social media channels. There are some really awesome Pinheads doing the damn thing on Pinterest. Get to know them and discover that they may be just like you or I! Alexa ranks Pinterest 32nd among top U.S. sites.


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Who is this Pinhead? I think I love this Evan Sharp, Pinterest Designer and Co-Founder dude. Such a Pinhead that I can rock and roll with…DOPE dude.  Sharp as he is and Mr. Sharp say’s it best.

“I was always collecting images on the web in folders on the desktop of my compter, but it wasn’t a very good system for remembering where things came from or who made them. We wanted to create a place where you can go to upload or collect things on the web and simply organize it the way you want to.” Well said “Pinhead”!

By the way no trolls, escorts and sex kittens allow. Keep your Pinhead nude ass images without taste and hateful asses on those other social media boards that advocate hate, back biting, hatefulness and discrimination. I say that with a dose of cyberlove. Smirk and Smile….WINK!




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