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I received a comment in my message box today on Linkedln requesting that I post their information on my website. I decided to create this blog post for folks that would like to list and self promote their services, talents and books, etc. on thephotographer4you®.

Leave a comment on thephotographer4you® Promoting Your Services and Blogs with services, skills, resumes, books, photography, makeup artist, graphic designers, Adobe masters, designers, models, comp cards, business cards, and folks that want to network, brainstorm ideals to get something exciting started for a meetup.

The comment listing you post should contain information about your services you offer to the general public.

Leave questions, meetup information, show dates and local announcements for your city or town.

You get the gist of what I am suggesting here…comment away and perhaps you may meet your next business client, model, employee or business connection.

Leave information you would like to announce, share, and educate others about in your areas. Example: Your email address, telephone number, mobile, fax, or a link to your work, portfolio and blogs.

Listing that are not acceptable and will be denied are sexual services, porno services, and anything illegal that would make the FBI/CIA/DEA or your local police department raise an eyebrow. We wouldn’t want the po po to knock at your door nor do I want homeland security knocking on my blog door…!!

No discrimination, hatred, nonsense and downright foul comment that are clearly offensive to someone else will be listed. This post will be all about linking up and networking with one another. I am all for folks speaking their minds that does not mean we have to loose our minds and act unintelligent. We are not trying to scare anyone with bullying nonsense.

To meet folks that are clearly about social networking and making connections. Join me on #Empire Avenue and lets (e)meet.

Thank you,

Delores Randall



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    Thanks Delores! 

    On 08/15/11 12:35 PM, Delores Randall wrote: 
    You can post your link on my blog by leaving a comment here 

    You are free to list your services and blog, etc in the comment box underneath the blog post.

    On 08/13/11 11:40 AM, Professional Voiceover Talent wrote: 
    Would you mind reposting this blog entry (link below) on your website or blog. I’m a nationally known voiceover talent.With 25 years of voiceover experience, My most recent credits include: new on air promo announcer for the NBA, Narrator for History Channel’s UFO Files. 

    Blog link: 

    Xavier Paul 
    Xavier “X-Man” Paul 
    Visit: Stay a Voice Ahead. XAVIER PAUL 646-326-7800